Male Strippers For Private Parties

When booking a Male Stripper from BillyRock Entertainment you may notice we've got a very limited selection in comparison to the competition. The reason is because we're one hundred percent authentic. We guarantee you the dancer of your choice as long as we confirm they're available for your party. Each of our entertainers has their own profile that you can get familiar with. When it comes to the costume choice, please contact us because every dancer has a different selection. Need recommendations? Just call us and ask, we've got it all figured out. If you've booked through another agency before than you know how it works fifty, eighty, maybe a hundred photos on their website. The photos look absolutely amazing. You pick the guy you want with the costume of your choice. The big night finally comes everyone is ready and the "stripper" shows up at the door. You open it up and it's not the person you picked, they don't even have  the right costume! As a matter of a fact they're not even on the website! That's because it's the easiest way for them to run their business. This is not fair at all, and that's one of the biggest reason BillyRock Entertainment exists. Since everyone is there and the party must go on you typically pay him to dance. Everyone's upset, this one special night is ruined and you can NEVER have it back! Don't let this happen to you again! If this is your first time booking a Male Stripper than you've gotten lucky enough to avoid going through this epidemic.  BillyRock Entertainment is your only way to go. Want proof? Read anyone of our one hundred and fifty, five star recommended reviews. Start with our Orange County Yelp Page by clicking here. After that read the ones on our Los Angeles Yelp Page by also clicking here. Finally finish off with our newest addition on Yelp with our Palm Springs Page by finally clicking here.