Question #1: Can I book a stripper online?

Answer: Yes, click this line of text and it will take you to our online booking page.

Question #2: I'm thinking of the time that we want to book our show, the party starts at five p.m. and I know the girls will be running a little behind.

Answer: It's always best to book at least two hours after your party initially starts. This gives all the girls plenty of time to arrive and start drinking some cocktails. 

Question #3: How much time should we allow for the Exotic Dancer to arrive?

Answer: Please allow up to one hour for your Exotic Dancer to arrive. If you booked at 8 p.m. and your dancer hasn't arrived by nine p.m. give the office a call and we will be happy to assist you. Please remember, traffic conditions vary for a variety of different reasons.

Question #5: Why should we choose BillyRock Entertainment over any other company?

Answer: We always refer back to the old saying, "you get what you pay for". BillyRock Entertainment has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to educate customers about Yelp, and what we do to separate ourselves from the competition. Go check out a few competitors and you'll notice they have fifty or more models on their websites. Some of them are flawless, it's hard resisting the temptation of booking with them. This goes back the saying "if something seems to good to be true, than it probably is". Look at our gallery of Male Strippers, every one of them are actual authentic Southern California Exotic Dancers. 

Question #6: What does the dancer bring to the party?

Answer: Your Exotic Dancer will bring a music system with modern technology, the costume of your choice, singles to exchange for larger bills (Gratuity), and a light set up. Consolidate with your dancer for anything else you'd like them to bring to the party.

Question #7: What is the difference between a Strip O' Gram, half hour show, and one hour show?

Answer: A Strip O' Gram is typically an office birthday party, you'll choose this since you're at work, and you need something short and sweet. Half hour show is not recommended but is available. This show will consist of a surprise knock at the door, a little bit of acting, and  a special dance for the guest of honor. If you'd like photography, it'll be an additional twenty dollars, and  the show will now be forty minutes long. A one hour show is the best choice yet. You'll get the surprise knock at the door, introductory routine (Magic Mike Style), game for the guest of honor, and multiple fun games that include everyone at the party! If you'd like photography / videos it'll be an additional twenty dollars for your entertainer. The photography / videos reveal the show that the entertainers spent countless hours  preparing, the leakage comes at a small cost. You'll also receive an additional ten minutes at the end to dedicate to the photography.

Question #8: Can my Exotic Dancer leave the party early?

Answer: Depending on the situation, your entertainer has the right to leave the party. If they're disrespected they have the right to leave. If you booked a one hour show, and they're is no one tipping after thirty minutes your dancer has the right to leave. BillyRock will never leave your party early, some other dancers will.

Question #9: What are the choice of costumes?

Answer: The costume choices vary, depending on the dancer that you're interested in. For example: Billy's signature costume is the Police Officer, while he also has UPS, Fed Ex, Pizza Delivery, Hotel Security, Suit and Tie, Waiter, and Fireman.

Question #10: What's considered good gratuity for a show?

Answer: Strip O' Grams and half hour shows gratuity typically range between, fifty and one hundred dollars. Strip O' Grams gratuity is typically given upfront with agency collection. A one hour show's gratuity is considered good when, they are tipped seventy five dollars, and beyond. 

Question #11: Can I pay by card?

Answer: No, only down payments can be processed with card, the remaining balance, and gratuity should be in cash.

Question #12: Can we pay after the dancer has finished?

Answer: No, company collection must be paid in full, when the Exotic Dancer finishes the initial surprise! This is a company policy.

Question #13: We're having a party and there will be straight men there, can they watch the show as well?

No, unfortunately this is grounds to  create a hostel environment, we cannot have our dancers takings risks like this. It's for everyone's safety and best interest.  

Question #14: Do you guys price match?

Answer: Yes, we have price matching available, but only within reason*.