Bachelor Party Strippers

Bachelor Party Strippers from BillyRock Entertainment are the best in Orange County. We've got the proof to back it up as well. We offer the only one hundred percent, authentic dancers in the industry. Founded by BillyRock Entertainment at the end of two thousand, and fifteen. BillyRock was tired of working for everyone else and having to follow their unorthodox way of conducting business. What these companies would and still do is have you pick three or four Bachelor Party Strippers for your party. They promise you that you'll receive one of them for sure. You get excited and tell everyone except the guest of honor how you booked the hottest Female Strippers for this Bachelor Party. Your friends see the photos and are proud of you as well. Everything is perfect so far, the big day comes and the Female Stripper you picked calls to confirm the party, she even says her name is one of the girls you picked. You confirm all the information with her, she lets you know that she primarily works off of tips etc.

The time comes, she's (for the most part) running at least one hour behind, if you're lucky she's keeping in contact with you letting you know that she's gotten a flat tire or something similar, what a coincidence. You tell her to be careful and just get there when she can. Finally your Exotic Female Dancer arrives at your door step. The first thing she asks for is the companies collection fee. This is normal, so not to worry. As you're paying her your hard earned money, you take a second look and realize that's not the girl she said she was. Actually she's not even one of the choices you picked when booking! You're upset, but the party must go on so you continue with the payment.

The Female Stripper than gives out a list of rules to follow for their protection, and begins to perform. Majority of the time it's all about the money. This can be very frustrating when you've got money, that's not the issue. You just want the girls to not be all about the money. So let me tell you how all of this can be avoided. Don't be alarmed any further, instead of going through this horrible experience pick up the phone and dial 1-800-791-3096. Get a quote for your party, no obligations. If you like the price, we'll than send you photos of the Female Exotic dancers that we've got working for us. Keep in mind, our list is very limited because we don't pull the "bait and switch" that these other companies do like clock work.

Once we text you from (626)-478-4754, you'll have the list of our Female Exotic Dancer photos and you'll be able to check there availability with the agent on the phone that you're speaking with. We'll than make contact with the dancer to let them know they've got some gentleman interested in them, giving them the time, area and minor details of your party. The Female Stripper will than agree to the Bachelor Party or respectfully decline and we'll move onto the next. Hopefully we can find a match for you, when we do it's simple. All you have to do is make a fifty dollar deposit that goes towards the total show fee. No other agency does this, it's the BillyRock way of doing things. This deposit guarantees that we hold the dancer you've requested.

You can either pay the deposit online using our booking form by clicking the button below this paragraph, labeled "Click Here For Online Booking". We've got pay-pal set up through our business account. Also you'll fill out the party information field, that we have all the details of your event. The other option is giving us the information over the phone, basically everything that the form asks and instead of paying over the internet you'll go into a Bank Of America and give our account number to the teller along with fifty dollars cash. Please bring your photo I.D. as the will ask for this. Write your name on the receipt that they give you. Take a photo and send it to us as proof of deposit payment. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please remember we're number on in the industry on Yelp for a reason, we're an honest Adult Entertainment business that brings the party to you!

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