Black Male and Female Strippers

Black Strippers in Orange County are ready to have a great time at your party, let them come and show you their Exotic moves that they've got. Black Strippers are known for very good slow, grinding, sexual dancing. This is a huge turn on for all sorts of women. We've got Black Strippers that aim to please, and they're good at what they do. They've been trained to put on amazing performances and go that extra mile to make you happy. For instance our Black Male Stripper Mr. Calvin, does some amazing tricks with fire, and hot candle wax that he plays with and drips onto his body. It may not sound very sexy but, trust me, many females have called to brag about his games that he plays with them. 


We've got a Black Male Stripper named Marcos who's a very good performer, over his years of dancing he's put together some amazing performances. Literally turning the helpers into stage performers. Seriously, guys that used to come and grab their underwear and costumes, get them water, basically their runners. People would say, there is no way that guy could become a performer. Marcos was and still is famous for making sure they know they've got it all wrong. He's the best at putting acts together. He's got this way about himself where he can read people, see their strengths and weaknesses. He's able to use them together to make magic happen. Marcos has a video on his profile page, you can check it out by clicking here.


Another Black Male Stripper exclusively from BillyRock Entertainment is Silk, he's by far the sexiest Black Male Stripper that we've got. He's standing at six feet four inches tall, he's two hundred and twenty five pounds of solid muscle with very low body fat. His background is Puerto Rican and African American giving him this beautiful color that brightens up each room he walks into. Silk does a lot of club performances, so when he comes to your home and does a private party you can expect to feel like you're at a club getting the ultimate Magic Mike Themed Show. He's got plenty of different costumes to choose from and has always gotten us good feedback, Silk comes highly recommended in the BillyRock Entertainment family. 


Than we've got Pretty Boy who resembles Drake, and dances like Chris Brown. White girls absoloutly go crazy for Pretty Boy's performances. He brings his A game to the table when it comes to Bachelorette and Birthday Parties. He's got a very professional sound system and a light show that goes with it. His costume selection is literally off the chain, ladies always talk about how pretty he smells. Maybe that's why we call him Pretty Boy? No it's because of his very unique style of dressing and the swag that comes along with him. He's full of energy and knows how to run a party. If you're looking for a Black Male Stripper Pretty boy's got you covered ladies. 


Rico would be our last Black Male Stripper that works for Billy Rock Entertainment. He's a true game player and takes care of business. Hispanic women seem to request him the most, commonly they report of his professionalism and good attitude. He's got a swat uniform that looks just like the real thing. If you're looking for the ultimate Black Male Stripper package Rico's got you covered, that's for sure! Let his talented self perform for your Bachelorette or Birthday Party and you'll want to have him again, over and over.. 


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