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Booking with BillyRock Entertainment is simple. Start by completing this form below. Once finished scroll down for our PayPal Deposit. When choosing a time for the dancer to arrive please pick a thirty minute window. For example, if you want your Stripper to show up at seven, write "7-7:30 Start time". Please Note! Dancers may run up to one hour behind of the original start time. A good example is if your party is in a far location or in a very busy area such as Downtown Los Angeles. Thank you for understanding! Please plan accordingly! 

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Costumes are different, all depending on the dancer. Write a few choices below and we'll confirm with the dancer of your choice to see which one they have.
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(Lasts between 15-30 Minutes, this is the show you need for an office party. Typically a birthday party) You can have a dancer come as a Fed-Ex delivery, UPS delivery, Pizza Guy, Police Officer, Fireman, even a business man. Not every dancer has the costume that you like or is available for Strip O' Grams. BillyRock has every uniform above and is available during the week for these particular parties.
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