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Dancer's Bio

Ashley is her name, and it says it all! She is, without a doubt, one of the best female exotic dancers/strippers in California. She is undoubtedly one of the best strip show dancers of all time. Ashley will wow the guests with her incredible dance moves and rock the party! She has an excellent costume collection and style. Ashley is your best bet to all the men looking for a hot show from a sexy, talented female stripper!
Bill Rock Entertainment's Ashley is the ideal sexy stripper for your next event. She is fun, playful, and a little cheeky, outgoing, friendly, and enjoys participating in strip show party games. If you are looking for a girl who knows how to start a party, can turn on the charm, and have you fantasizing about her for weeks, contact Billy Rock Entertainment to book Ashley today.
Our delightful and enticing Ashley is a fun-loving dark-haired girl who enjoys flaunting her curves! She always enters a party with a big smile and a friendly, welcoming attitude. Every event/party Ashley attends is a huge success, and all of the guests have a great time!
Ashley is stunning in every way. She is your girl if you are looking for that beautiful all-around extraordinary personality to light up your party! She has a sexy body, can dance, and has a friendly vibe!
Ashley is a total lady's man who makes men want her at their next event! Ashley will have you staring at her for hours while she dances and entertains you and your guests.
Booking Ashley today is worth every penny! She is a fantastic entertainer and the sexiest stripper you will ever need. Take your special occasion, bachelor party, or guys' night out to the next level – book Ashley today or miss out on this fantastic experience! Call now to reserve your female stripper for your event.

Dancer's Details

Height:  5' 2"

Weight: 125 Lbs

Hair: Long Black

Eyes: Brown

Birth Year: 1996

Ethnicity: Latina

Home Location: Los Angeles, CA

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

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