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Aaron Mac

Dancer's Bio

Aaron Mac is more than just a male exotic dancer - he's a true entertainer with a passion for making every event he performs at unforgettable. With his towering height of 6'0" and muscular build weighing in at 185 pounds, Aaron has always stood out in a crowd. He was born in 1996 and raised in the bustling city of Los Angeles, CA, where he honed his craft as a performer from a young age.

As a young man, Aaron was drawn to the art of dance, and he quickly became known for his natural talent and stage presence. He studied a variety of dance styles, including hip hop, contemporary, and jazz, and soon began performing at local clubs and events. It wasn't long before he caught the attention of Billy Rock Entertainment, a top-tier company specializing in private parties for bachelorettes, birthdays, ladies night out, and more.

Aaron's first performance with Billy Rock Entertainment was a smash hit, and he quickly became one of the company's most sought-after performers. With his impressive height and muscular build, he has the perfect physique for exotic dancing, and his stunning good looks and confident attitude only add to his allure. Whether he's wearing a cowboy outfit or a striking red leather costume, Aaron knows how to command attention and get the crowd cheering.

But Aaron's talents go far beyond just his physical appearance. He's also an incredibly skilled dancer, with a talent for improvisation and a deep understanding of rhythm and movement. He can effortlessly transition between dance styles, incorporating everything from acrobatics to seductive slow moves into his routines. His performances are always polished and professional, and he puts in hours of practice to ensure that every detail is perfect.

In addition to his dance skills, Aaron is also a skilled entertainer and a natural showman. He has an infectious energy and an outgoing personality that make him a hit with crowds of all ages and backgrounds. He knows how to read a room and adjust his performance to suit the audience, whether he's performing for a group of rowdy bachelorettes or a more reserved corporate event.

Outside of his work as an exotic dancer, Aaron is an avid fitness enthusiast and a dedicated advocate for healthy living. He believes that taking care of your body and mind is essential to achieving success in any area of life, and he encourages others to pursue their own health and wellness goals.

Overall, Aaron Mac is a talented and dedicated performer with a passion for bringing joy and excitement to every event he performs at. With his stunning good looks, impressive dance skills, and natural charisma, he's a force to be reckoned with in the world of male exotic dancing. Whether you're looking to book him for a private party or a special event, you can trust that Aaron will deliver a performance that you and your guests will never forget.

Dancer's Details

African American


6' 0"

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Cowboy, Cop, Military

City of Residence:

Los Angeles, CA

Birth Year:



185 lbs


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