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Dancer's Bio

Hunky, witty, and charming. Adonis is notorious and well-known for being the life of every party or event he attends. However, Adonis has a great sense of humor and is a real charmer, and his stunning good looks and a breathtaking body.
Our tattooed Adonis, who evokes charm and energy, is available for your next night out, girls' night out, or bachelorette party. This 6′0 tall, dark and handsome guy can meet your needs perfectly and arrive in a costume- is it a cop who makes you weak or a cowboy who makes you turn on? Adonis understands how to make your party exciting and dramatic. His sexy, sculpted body, incredibly striking features, and unbridled desire to exceed your every expectation will captivate you.
He is the king of exotic moves and will put every lady in the room in a hot mood. He will make sure the honorees are treated like a princess. He is a well-trained pro who excels at sexy dance performances. He is also friendly, cheerful, and has an enticing smile.
He is not the life and soul of the party for no reason. He enjoys being a part of the party's activities and will ensure that your party exceeds your expectations.
He is naughty and can turn on the charm in the blink of an eye, leaving you and your guests obsessing over him. So if you want to spice up your girl's night out events, bridal parties, or bachelorette parties, book Adonis now for a delightful surprise.
The ideal mix of tall, dark, strong, handsome, funny, charismatic, and intellectual, He will make it his mission to ensure that the host and all of their guests remember this night for years to come. When Adonis is present, no one is excluded from the party. He is the ideal addition to any party that requires a stripper or exotic dancer. After hiring Adonis, you will never want fully clothed service at your events again.

Dancer's Details

African American


6' 0"

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



SWAT, Black Out, Santa

City of Residence:

Los Angeles, CA

Birth Year:



220 lbs


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