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Dancer's Bio

Born into a family with a rich cultural heritage, Alejandro's love for music and dance was ingrained in him from a young age. Growing up, his parents, both professional dancers, nurtured his passion for the performing arts, exposing him to the vibrant world of Mexican music and traditional dance.

As a teenager, Alejandro joined a local dance academy, where he dedicated himself to honing his skills and perfecting his craft. His unique style, a fusion of contemporary and Latin dance, quickly caught the attention of both his instructors and fellow dancers. Alejandro's talent and dedication led him to gain recognition and admiration from the local dance community.

It was during a talent showcase that Alejandro's life took a turn. Billy Rock Entertainment, a renowned agency, was in the audience and was captivated by Alejandro's electrifying performance. Recognizing his potential, they offered him a contract, propelling his career as a professional dancer to new heights.

Behind Alejandro's confident and charismatic stage presence lies a story of determination and perseverance. In the face of skepticism and criticism for pursuing a career in the arts, Alejandro remained focused and dedicated to his passion. He drew inspiration from his cultural roots, incorporating elements of traditional Mexican dance into his performances, captivating audiences with his fusion of contemporary and Latin styles.

Alejandro's success not only brought him personal fulfillment but also allowed him to support his family financially. He takes pride in being a role model for aspiring dancers, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds. Alejandro actively participates in workshops and outreach programs, sharing his knowledge and experiences to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Outside of his dance career, Alejandro finds solace in nature. He often spends his free time exploring parks and hiking trails, finding inspiration in the beauty of the world around him. His love for fashion and styling is evident in his everyday outfits, where he combines different styles and takes inspiration from various cultures and time periods. Alejandro's keen eye for fashion extends to his dance costumes, where he experiments with different looks to enhance his performances.

Cooking is another passion that Alejandro indulges in. He loves experimenting with traditional Mexican recipes, infusing them with his own creative twists. Hosting dinner parties for his friends and family, Alejandro showcases his culinary skills, bringing people together through the joy of food and culture.

Traveling is an essential part of Alejandro's life. He enjoys exploring new places and immersing himself in different cultures. Attending dance festivals and workshops around the world, he learns new techniques and connects with fellow dancers, enriching his artistry and expanding his horizons.

Overall, Alejandro's journey as an entertainer at Billy Rock Entertainment is not just about his passion for dance but also about embracing his roots, inspiring others, and leaving a lasting impact on the world of performing arts. His love for music, fashion, cooking, and travel all contribute to his vibrant and multifaceted persona, making him a truly captivating entertainer.

Dancer's Details



6' 3"

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Police, GQ, Mariachi

City of Residence:

Orange County, CA

Birth Year:



180 lbs


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