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Dancer's Bio

He is fun, muscly, and mysterious. As he walks into the room, Christopher of Bill Rock Entertainment will get everyone's heart racing. Thanks to his ripped muscles and stunning features, ladies are sure to get lost in his eyes as he spends tenderly loving time entertaining them at every show.
Christopher will gladly accommodate your every request with a cheeky beaming smile, leaving you wondering why you did not hire a hot stripper sooner!
It is difficult to tear yourself away from him with his athletic physique and irresistible face. This hot host is also a gentleman who knows how to make you feel like a genuine lady, ideal for you.
His enigmatic demeanor is well-liked by ladies, mainly because you never know what his next move will be. In addition, he exudes quiet confidence with his stunning looks and dancing abilities – an irresistible combination.
Christopher is a joy to be around, and he enjoys participating in party games! So, if you are looking for a guy who knows how to start a party, can turn on the charm, and will have you fantasizing about him for weeks, then contact Christopher today.
Christopher has you covered if you want a chill party with a sexy flair. Leave the entertainment to him and plan a seductive and flirtatious party.
Booking Christopher today is worth every penny! He is a great host and entertainer and the sexiest dancer you will ever need. So take your special birthday, bridal party, girl's night out event, or bachelorette party to the next level – book him now or miss out on this great experience!

Dancer's Details



6' 0"

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Police, Cowboy

City of Residence:

Corona, CA

Birth Year:



200 lbs


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