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Dancer's Bio

Bill Rock Entertainment's Sexy, Playful, and Passionate Performer Jamaica is a ray of sunshine that will spark your party. You will love him even more, when you see him smile and hear him speak his heart out. His endearing personality and outstanding performance are a winning combination in the industry. He knows how to make you feel special and will provide you with the love and attention you seek.
Who says it is difficult to find good looks and a great personality? Meet him at your party and be blown away by his presence. He knows how to look after the guests and ensure that no one feels left out at the party.
Jamaica's thrilling but playful dancing moves ensure a great show. Hip thrusts, gyrations, and other surprises are in store for you. When he knocks on your door dressed as a fireman, expect your guests to drop their jaws. He will put out fires, but be warned: he will attract attention with his sexiness and ripped muscles.
Apart from his good looks, did you know he is praised for attentive to his guests? So if you are looking for a gorgeous host with a body to die for and who is skilled at what he does, Jamaica is your man.
She is toned to perfection. This hunk will undoubtedly catch your guests' attention! Jamaica comes highly recommended for its dazzling smile and lady-loving charm. Is there anything else to say? What more can you ask for than a boy-next-door-looking lad with bartending skills and experience as a hens party host?
With this hottie around, you are guaranteed to have the year's party, so do not hesitate! Online booking is now available for bachelorette parties, divorce parties, bridal parties, girl's night out events, and more! If you prefer to book over the phone, please call (760)459-2266, and one of our professional booking agents will assist you.

Dancer's Details

African American


6' 2"

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Cop, Construction

City of Residence:

Los Angeles, CA

Birth Year:



235 lbs


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