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Kit Kat

Dancer's Bio

Kit Kat, originally Kieran Thompson, overcame the challenges of his tough neighborhood through his early love for dance and fitness, which served as his sanctuary and means of expression. With innate rhythm and a compelling presence, he quickly identified his passion for the stage and committed to pursuing a career in entertainment.
Determined to carve out a name for himself, Kit Kat dedicated countless hours to refining his dance techniques and enhancing his physical fitness. His relentless effort and dedication captured the attention of Billy Rock Entertainment, a prestigious agency renowned for representing exceptional talent. Upon joining, he adopted the stage name Kit Kat and began captivating global audiences with his dynamic blend of dance prowess and magnetic charisma.
When not performing, Kit Kat is a fervent fitness enthusiast, often found at the gym pushing his limits to achieve peak condition. His commitment to dance is unwavering, as he continuously seeks to elevate his performances and mesmerize audiences with his energy and skill.
Kit Kat’s tattoos narrate his personal journey, each design a chapter in his life, symbolizing his experiences and milestones. Additionally, his keen fashion sense allows him to express his unique style, making bold statements with his attire both onstage and off, always staying ahead of trends.
Beyond his tough persona, Kit Kat possesses a generous heart, actively engaging in charity work and using his platform to inspire and uplift others. His story is one of resilience, ambition, and dedication, making him a standout entertainer at Billy Rock Entertainment. Kit Kat not only dazzles audiences with his performances but also leaves a positive impact on the community, continuing to rise as a star in the entertainment industry and leaving a lasting legacy.

Dancer's Details

African American


5' 9"

Eye Color:


Hair Color:




City of Residence:

Los Angeles, CA

Birth Year:



180 lbs


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