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Dancer's Bio

Miami's journey with Billy Rock Entertainment began when he left his small town behind, seeking a place where his talents would be appreciated. The moment he stepped into the agency's doors, he knew he had found his home.

Dance had always been Miami's escape, his way of expressing himself when words failed. From a young age, he had dedicated himself to perfecting his craft, spending endless hours in the studio, honing his skills and exploring various dance styles. He was not content with just mastering one form; Miami craved versatility and constantly pushed himself to learn new techniques and stay updated with the latest trends in the industry.

But Miami's passion didn't stop at dance. He understood that to truly shine on stage, he needed to maintain an impressive physique. So, he embraced fitness as a way of life, hitting the gym regularly and challenging himself to push his physical limits. Sweat poured down his face as he pushed through grueling workouts, knowing that every drop was a step closer to his dreams.

Art and design were another avenue through which Miami expressed his creativity. He had a keen eye for aesthetics, appreciating different art styles and attending art exhibitions whenever he could. In his downtime, he would even dabble in creating his own artwork, finding solace in the strokes of a brush or the smears of paint on a canvas.

Music was the beating heart of Miami's performances. As a performer, he had a deep love for all genres, attending concerts whenever possible and finding inspiration in the melodies that filled the air. In his spare time, he even taught himself to play a musical instrument, allowing him to bring an extra layer of depth to his performances.

And of course, Miami's personal style was a reflection of his vibrant personality. He had an innate sense of fashion, effortlessly putting together stylish outfits that turned heads wherever he went. He kept up with the latest trends, shopped for unique pieces, and took pride in his appearance, knowing that his fashion choices were an extension of his artistry.

Despite his success, Miami remained grounded and humble. He never forgot the challenges he had faced or the conservative community that had tried to stifle his dreams. His tattoos, etched on his skin, were a constant reminder of his journey. Each one represented a milestone, a testament to the obstacles he had overcome and the strength he had found within himself.

Now, as one of the most sought-after entertainers at Billy Rock Entertainment, Miami used his platform to inspire others to break free from societal expectations and follow their dreams. He believed that everyone deserved the chance to express themselves and be celebrated for who they truly were. With every electrifying dance move, every captivating performance, Miami aimed to ignite a spark in others, encouraging them to embrace their passions and create their own path.

Miami's journey from a small town dreamer to a shining star was a testament to the power of resilience and determination. He had found his place at Billy Rock Entertainment, a place where his passions were celebrated, and his talent could truly shine. And as he continued to push the boundaries of his artistry, Miami knew that the best was yet to come.

Dancer's Details



5' 9"

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Fireman, Pizza Boy

City of Residence:

San Diego, CA

Birth Year:



190 lbs


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