Office Party Strippers

Office Party Strippers In Orange County are proudly produced by BillyRock Entertainment. When planning for a Male or Female Stripper to perform at an Office Party, you've got to make sure you have everything planned out perfectly. If you don't have all the details in order the party could be an absolute disaster. That's what we are here for, BillyRock Entertainment Specializes in these kinds of parties. Typically the occasion is going to be a co-worker's birthday, retirement party, or even a bachelorette party. Most commonly it'll be a birthday party, which you're going to want to emberass the guest of honor in the best way possible. Not only do you want to emberass them but, you want to make them sexually attracted to the Exotic Dancer performing for them at their office party. Picking the right person for the job is key.

Let me start by telling you our number one Male Stripper is BillyRock, he's our go to for any office party. Let me tell you why, this man is a natural born actor who can play any roll very well. He's very dedicated to his work and has real uniforms that the guest of honor will fall for. We've even had the person organizing the party fall for BillyRock's acting. We'd start by getting all the details over to him. What's important would be the date and time frame, you want to make sure that there will be no customers there. The easiest way to make sure that there isn't any judgmental customers there is to schedule BillyRock or the Male Stripper of your choice for a late appointment. The last one you've got available would be best, you'd than inform the guest of honor that the customer is running late but is in dire need of your services. You really want to help this poor customer out because you feel bad for him. 

BillyRock or the Male Stripper of your choice than arrives to the Office Party location, dressed as either a UPS delivery man FedEx, or even a Pizza Delivery. If you've chosen BillyRock, he's so professional that he'll have a package or a real pizza waiting for the guest of honor. If he's delivering  a package he will print out a professional shipping label with the guest of honors name and a phony return address. If you've chosen him to deliver a pizza, he'll stop at the local dominoes and bring a hot and ready pizza. The best choice is a mail delivery stripper, why? Because he'll go all out by packaging a case of liquor, and inside this liquor box will be water bottles that he's filled up and dried off. BillyRock will have them properly organized to fix the boxes original weight and look. Inside will be a note, printed beautifully with a happy birthday letter, there will be tissue on top of the water bottles (decorative tissue so she cannot see it's a phony package.) She'll than begin to read the letter, thinking how sweet of someone to send this to her.

All of a sudden she'll get to the end of the letter and it'll say turn the page around, the guest of honor will than turn around the strippers letter and a picture of a penis will be printed, along with a happy face. It'll say are you ready for some Billy Cock?! BillyRock will than go behind her and give her a couple innocent, but cute love taps to the but. Everyone will be laughing hysterically, applauding for the guest of honor. BillyRock will have pulled off an amazing surprise for one lucky lady on a very special day! That's not all, he'll than set up his music and begin to do a Magic Mike show for her. It'll be just like seeing Chippendale's, (if you're booking BillyRock of course). After the show is over he'll happily take some photos for everyone to remember, and begin to pass out company cards that you'll love to use in the future. The business cards offer a discount when customers write positive Yelp reviews. It's a great incentive, all in all you see why BillyRock Entertainment is your number one source for Office Party Strippers! We guarantee satisfaction, and love our customers more than you'll ever know.

So go ahead and book your Office Party Stripper today! Call 1-800-791-3096, or send a text to (626)-478-4754. Let us know exactly what you need so we can make sure you're taken care of in the best way possible. If you'd like to book online we've conveniently got a button right below this text that reads "Click here for online booking". Click that button and it'll take you exactly where you need to go. If you're looking for a Female Stripper we actually only text their photos out. You can request their photos via text message with the phone number that we've posted in this paragraph. Remember to book with the best, and forget the rest. There's a reason why our Yelp is flawless.        

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