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Hire The Best Strippers for Christmas and New Years' 2021!

During these crazy times, Billy Rock Entertainment must guarantee the best Christmas party strippers. We strongly advise you to book ahead of time because we're going to have plenty of requests this year. There's never been a better time to embarrass your grandma than XMAS 2020. Perhaps your grandma is into kinky stuff and will love your Santa clause stripper. Maybe she'll be enraged and hire a dwarf/little person stripper to embarrass you on your birthday in 2021. Either way, make sure you call the Billy Rock Entertainment team of professional striptease dancers to help turn your Christmas into the best one yet! Our team has the best Santa Claus striptease costumes in the entire business. No one is remotely close to our level of professionalism. We back this statement with our companies five-star guarantee.

Christmas Birthday Parties Call for Exotic Dancers

We have all heard of someone having a birthday party on or around Christmas Day. The dual celebration calls for strippers. Billy Rock Entertainment has the best male and the hottest female strippers available for your 2020 Christmas and Birthday celebrations. Our female strippers will dress up as sexy Santa, and our male strippers will dress up like bearded stud Santas; either way, you'll be pleased with their appearance. We can all agree that it's challenging to go for a year without celebrating your birthday party. It's even more challenging to go a year without celebrating Christmas and your birthday, especially when they both land on the most joyful day of the year. Our strippers are top-rated and the absolute best in the industry. Our top-notch strippers happily dress up as Santa Clauss and are ready/willing to pass out presents to your household guests/family members.

Celebrating Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties During The Holliday Season

The season of giving is here, and there's nothing better to give as a Christmas present other than a hot male stripper for your girlfriend's bachelorette party. On the other hand, you may be a man and your best friend is about to get married, so as the best man, it's up to you to make sure that this 2020 Holliday season's packed with the best bachelor party of the year. Making sure your friend (the bachelor) goes into 2021 feeling like he got "the last fling before his ring." Everyone is always so eager to get married during the summer. While many, maybe even most couples will wait until summer 2021 to celebrate their bachelor/ette party. We know the happiest people on earth will throw their bachelor celebrations during the 2020 Holiday season while they are with the people that love them the most. 2020 has been a year of separation and distance; however, it has brought many people closer together. For everyone worried about COVID-19, we have social distancing shows available or no contact online Zoom shows. Click here to learn more about our online virtual striptease services.

Virtual Santa Clauss Stripper Show for the Whole Family (18+)

Billy Rock Entertainment proudly announces that we're offering virtual stripper services for online 2020 Christmas Parties, birthday parties, and bachelor/ette parties. With all of the recent changes in 2020, Billy Rock Entertainment understands the comfort of social distancing, which is why we are happy to bring you entertainment through Zoom, via the internet. All of our male and female strippers come highly trained to handle online virtual striptease shows, guaranteeing you a fantastic, once in a lifetime online striptease experience. Each entertainer comes fully equipped with a Christmas routine, never released before. All of our trained professionals value their jobs and look forward to making your XMAS 2020 the best Christmas you've ever had. When hiring our virtual Christmas party strippers, be sure to invite family members from all over the world because our server allows up to ninety-nine people at once. We guarantee all of your family members will be thrilled to enjoy the Santa Claus stripper experience. Nothing matches the safety of our virtual Christmas party striptease services; why? Because there is no contact, meaning there is a 0% chance of anyone spreading any virus or COVID-19. If you're looking to throw the best party for your family this Christmas 2020, then look no further! Please fill out our reservation form, and wait to be contacted by one of our professional staff members. While we say that it's best to plan, we can also cater to your last-minute Christmas stripper requests.

The Sexiest Santa Claus Male Stripper, Jay Rock available for Christmas Parties in 2020-2021
Jay Rock The Sexy Santa Stripper for XMAS 2020-2021

Costumes for Santa Clauss Christmas Day Strippers

Billy Rock Entertainment knows how to provide the best strippers with the best Santa Clauss costumes for Christmas Parties. Suppose you're a male or female stripper looking for top-notch Christmas stripper costumes. In that case, we recommend Amazon, and we've listed a few options for you down below. You can also find some great Santa Clauss costumes through eBay. However, do not limit yourself to online search results. Any stripper of significance knows that you must search not only online but also with local places such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and other thrift stores. Just as the saying goes, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." One of our male dancers, Jay Rock, found his unique Christmas stripper costume (as seen above) from a local Los Angeles thrift shop. The uniform is of significant value; however, purchased for mere pennies on the dollar. Jay Rock, one of the best strippers in Los Angeles, is not only a sexy stripper but a smart man. Do not limit yourself to Santa Clauss. Men and women both love fantasy and appreciate any Christmas-themed costume for the holidays, so get creative and make something spectacular!

Here's a listing for a 10 piece Male Santa Suit from ADOMI. This set is of high quality, if you have the financial ability to purchase this Sexy Santa Stripper Suit then we highly recommend the investment for every male stripper.


Here's a more affordable Santa Stripper costume. We recommend purchasing this for anyone in a financial bind, or for any new strippers who are unsure if they're going to make this stripper job a career. However, this costume could give you the opportunity to perform at one, two, or maybe even three Christmas Parties. Make sure you let your stripper boss know that you have a Santa Claus costume available for 2020 Christmas Evening or Christmas Day and you'll be one of the first dancers they call for work.


Our premiere recommendation for the female Santa Claus female stripper costume is much less expensive than the male Santa Clauss stripper costume. Coming in at a great rate of $42.01 you cannot go wrong with this buy. We strongly recommend all female strippers to purchase this Christmas costume for all your Christmas Day and Christmas Eve stripper parties for 2020-2021 and beyond.


Look, we get it, not everyone is a fan of Santa Clauss which is why we're recommending this female stripper elf uniform that we found on Amazon's Holiday listing page. There's plenty of gentlemen out in the world that will love to see Santa's sexy little green helper ready to performance erotic lap dances and a price of $39.99 is great!

Hire Strippers for New Years Eve and New Years Day 2021

While everyone hopes and prays for better days to come, we look forward to 2021 for that fix. Even the people who came out of 2020 more financially stable are still looking forward to getting back to everyday life. Here at Billy Rock Entertainment, we want to help you celebrate the 2021 New Year with some gorgeous exotic dancers. Suppose you've booked strippers on a previous NYE or New Years Day. In that case, you may have encountered a negative experience because most stripper companies employ entitled strippers who do not dance at co-ed events. The Billy Rock Entertainment team uses the coolest, most down to earth male and female strippers. Our strippers are more than happy to perform at your co-ed NYE or New Years Day stripper party. All of our NYE strippers have several costumes to choose from, and the attire ranges from mild to wild. The best bachelor parties occur on NYE. I know it isn't common; however, our team has constructed fun party games that involve girl on girl action. Our girl on girl NYE bachelor party striptease show consists of erotic toys, sexy babes, and good times. Perhaps you and your girls are reading this, and you're all thinking or saying to yourselves, "what about the New Year's Eve bachelorette party?" Do not worry yourself any further! We always save the best for last. What do I mean by that? Here at Billy Rock Entertainment, we believe that women should celebrate their bachelorette party on New Years Day! Why? Because it's fun to wake up with all your gals on the first day of 2021, and while preparing your brunch, you hear a knock on the door. Everyone at this point will be curious about what's going on, so you send the bachelorette to the front door, and on the other side stands two incredibly gorgeous male police officers. However, they're too sexy to be cops, so you invite them in, and then the Magic Mike Pony song by Ginuwine comes on. The bachelorette is then arrested and tied to the chair. The two male strippers will then perform a sexy striptease for her last fling before the ring on the first day of 2021, aka New Years Day. However, this is a mere suggestion. Feel free to host the bachelorette party on New Year's Eve or any other day you prefer.

Santa Claus Male Stripper for Christmas Party in Los Angeles
Meet Billy Rock AKA Daddy Santa 2021

2021 Christmas and New Year Family Friendly Male and Female Strippers for Hire

All too often, our customers worry about strippers getting out of control while they have family members around. Here at Billy Rock Entertainment, we tell you to put your worries aside. We professionally train each dancer individually so that they know how to handle certain situations. Perhaps you're hiring a female stripper for Christmas, and you're going to have your in-laws and grandparents over. Our dancers will respect your guest's boundaries. You can inform them of any specific rules you may have before the dancer starts doing their striptease act. Our entertainers adhere to regulations and are 100% respectable. We offer shirtless, pants on, exotic dance performances by male strippers and bikini dances by female strippers. However, we've still got the traditional male strip shows that go down to a thong, and the female strip shows can go nude, but we strive to make you and your guests comfortable. Let us know of any special requests ahead of time. We'll adequately notate your booking so that your exotic dancer is ready for how you'd like the performance. Let Billy Rock Entertainment help bring in the 2021 New Year with a bang, literally. Our strippers handle parties of any size, and they are the best at what they do. Hire any of our entertainers through our website, and we'll confirm your booking as soon as possible. The Billy Rock Entertainment team guarantees satisfaction, and we know how to turn any frown upside down. We've got black, white, Asian, Latino, and middle Eastern strippers available for your 2021 New Years' Eve celebration or Christmas Party. Party with the best and forget the rest!

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