One of the most common questions that we ask our selves when thinking about beginning to search for an exotic dancer for a special occasion such as a Bachelorette Party or a birthday party is "Where do I even begin looking"? Do not worry; believe it or not, you are not alone this a first time experience for most. We have gathered up useful information over our four years in business and summed it all up into one page that should answer the majority of your questions.  
    You will find the most common questions first and then work your way through the list, and hopefully, your questions answered. First of all, you saw the one and only "Billy Rock Entertainment" and made your way here. Whether it through was Instagram, google search engine, a friends referral, Zelda's nightclub, Yelp, or perhaps you overheard a conversation. That goes ahead and answers our first question "Did I discover a reputable source?" Yes, you did, in fact, you have found the number one rated exotic dance agency in all of the United States of America. We have the majority of the Yelp reviews, currently, as of July 6th, 2018 we have a total of 224  five stars recommended customer comments on their platform. Our Yelp reviews got earned through blood, sweat, and tears. We ensure every customer is satisfied starting with the beginning of booking our service and not finishing until the end of the show.
    Before we go into our most commonly asked questions along with their proper answers, we would like you to be aware that a majority of the competitors in this industry use fake photos of models to lure in customers and then they do not require any deposit as they do not want the transaction to end up as a chargeback. You will be extremely excited to hear the knock on the door knowing that your performer has shown up while you have been fantasizing the whole time about the storyline. With the thrill throughout your body, you answer the door to be quickly disappointed. First, you will notice they are they are nowhere near any of the choices in which you had made when booking your party through them. Secondly, they are not even in the costume of your choosing, immediately you get filled with the utmost disappointment. If you have read this far by now, then I honestly do not see that happening to you because I am sure you will be smart enough to let Billy Rock Entertainment take care of you from this point on.
    Here is a list of common questions that have been asked by our clients:

Question: Will I get to choose which dancer shows up at the party that I book?
Answer: Yes, Billy Rock Entertainment prides itself on providing you with the highest quality in all of the exotic dancing industry.

Question: When is a good time to reserve our exotic dancer?
Answer: It is never too early to book your dancer. You have to remember due to popularity some performers get chosen a lot more frequently than others, so it is crucial to book as soon as possible. 

Question: Is tipping included in the base price of the show listed on this website?
Answer: Yes tipping is recommended throughout the entire show if you have booked a one hour show and the dancer has the time he will continue to dance for tips if you would like.

Question: What is the average tipping amount per show?
Answer: Let us paint a scenario quickly, you have a Bachelorette party in Los Angeles twenty women are attending if each of them all brings ten dollars to tip the entertainer then the dancer has just made two hundred dollars in tips, that is a substantial level of gratuity in which would be highly appreciated.  Rest assured, your performer will be earning every dollar with their highly skilled dancing. 

Question: Our party is at a hotel are we still going to be able to have a stripper?
Answer: We recommend asking the hotel, but the majority of them will say no, so we have something that we refer to as stealth mode. Stealth mode is when we send our dancer in no later than 07:00 P.M., the performer, will bring their equipment in a rolling suitcase and they will dress in a casual fashion. Their speaker will have a cloth disguising the identity, or they will have a smaller Bluetooth speaker inside of their rolling suitcase. We ask that you, please inform us upon booking so that we have plenty of time to prepare the performer. 

Question: Is timing of the utmost importance because of a post-dinner or similar engagement planned?
Answer: Let us know immediately, dancers often run behind thirty minutes and sometimes up to one hour due to weather, accidents and other unpredictable circumstances. It's critical that this knowledge provided to us ahead of time so that we will be able to do our best to accommodate the timing situation at hand.

Question: Will the exotic dancer have the change to exchange for more significant bills that get used throughout the entire show as tips?
Answer: The performer is supposed to bring change to the show but what I recommend and find quite more comfortable is when the primary contact that is throwing the party goes and gets the change in singles from the bank that day. That way then she can change out the money with the girls before the dancer arrives saving time and allowing the performance to execute immediately. 

Question: Does the dancer provide music, lights, and other props?
Answer: Yes, the only items you will need to provide for the event will be whatever food/drinks that you will be serving the guests.

Question: Can we have our party in the backyard or the garage?
Answer: Majority of the time the dancers will allow you to have the party in the garage as long as you have got proper ventilation going on such as a massive fan. As far as the outdoor parties are concerned unfortunately due to recent changes in federal law we are required to keep them indoors.

Question: Can we pay extra to have the performer dance naked?
Answer: No once again due to the law passed by the federal government we cannot allow nudity at our exotic dancing performances.

Question: How does payment work for the show?
Answer: There is an initial deposit of $50.00 that is due upon booking the show, and the remainder of the show fee is due in cash upon arrival of your dancer.

Question: How is the deposit paid?
Answer: The deposit gets processed through Venmo, Cash app, or our third party merchant via the website at the bottom of the booking page.

Question: We are staying at a hotel and parking costs everywhere we look, do we have to pay for the dancer's parking as well?
Answer: Yes but find the cheapest lot nearest to the hotel and get the address over to us along with any additional information such as cost and that will be added to your total show fee.

Question: May we take photography during the show and after?
Answer: Yes you may, but the dancers charge a $20.00 fee this covers any photos from every guest/camera during and after the event. 

Question: We are having a gay bachelor party and are looking for someone that will be okay with this scene, is this possible?
Answer: Absolute yes, in the end, it is up to each dancers preference, but we do not, and we do have a handful of outstanding performers that are entirely okay with the idea.