Tustin Male Strippers are the hottest local men in the area. BillyRock Entertainment loves sending their best dancers to Tustin. We cover all areas of Orange  County and Southern California as well. If you're looking for some quality Entertainment at an affordable rate, book with the best and forget the rest. Anyone can say that they've got the best Male Strippers in Tustin. Be we really do, because we're currently the only authentic company that is on the web. We're known for our Male Strippers and our primary goal is to satisfy the customer. If you have any special requests that need remembering, please mention it to us in a timely manner as well as mark it down on the booking form. Each dancer gets a copy of the booking from as soon as your deposit has been approved and confirmed. We are the only company that does take a deposit for shows. Currently the reason is because we don't screw anyone over, we've got strong integrity. Instead of changing like everyone else, we've decided to be the Best Male Stripper Company in Southern California, by giving the customer exactly what they order, the correct stripper and costume are the two most important things when booking a Male Stripper.

What you can expect from our Male Strippers is nothing but the absolute best. We bring our A game to the show, each dancer knows how much we care about BillyRock Entertainment and has learned to respect the customer and the company as well. Like I've stated, Customer satisfaction is priority number one, so we will make sure you're taken care of throughout this whole booking process and getting your Male Stripper. Goal is for you to be happy, at the end of the day YOU are what matters to us. Without YOU there would be no us. That means we've got you covered. Have any questions? Give us a call, and let us help you out. 1-800-791-3096 This is our toll free number, feel free to call whenever you'd like. We usually have an agent available to take your call twenty four hours per day seven days a week. If you have any doubts check into our perfect record on Yelp, maintaining three companies and having a five star overall rating on Yelp is how we manage to get more business. We will continue to be nothing less than the best.  

We have nothing against any groups of people, sex preference, race, etc. We're one hundred percent friendly of all customers. We would never turn down a show do to someones sexual preference, race, or anything similiar. When our Male Stripper comes to the privacy of your home to perform get ready for a wild time! You can choose to have them come dressed up and knock while playing a roll. If it's like a Girls Night Out Stripper Party and everyone knows, just have the dancer show up dressed in some G.Q. clothing and change in a designated room, picked out for him to keep his belongings and have his privacy. All Male Exotic Dancers come with exactly what you need to make your party excellent. Don't worry about a speaker or lights, we've got authentic gear that most Strippers don't have. Remember that your Male Stripper is a human just like you, please treat them as so. Enjoy your party and leave us a Yelp review for a discount on the next show. 

Female Strippers of Tustin are the sexiest women alive, trust me. You'll love to order a nice hot, young, Orange County Female Stripper for your party. They're ready for the party and excited to be part of your big day. Unlike the Male Strippers, Females don't have costumes to choose from, we do apologize but they're more like going and seeing a stripper at the strip club. Be sure to tip the girls, a lot of Female Strippers will leave if they're not being tipped. There's nothing we can do about it, we're just booking the event for you. Female Stripper are not our specialty. Our owner is a Male Stripper so it's a lot easier to train them. The girls that we do have available are very pretty, and decently reliable (for the most part). When wanting to see their photos you'll need to ask via text message at, (626)-478-4754 ask our service team to send you out the photos, let him know who you like and the girls will most definitely dig being at your party. Give us a call for that Wild Entertainment you've always been looking for! If it's a Bachelor party or just a Birthday you should still get a Female Stripper. 

Male and Female Strippers in Tustin are available for any kind of Party, We've got plenty of Stripper choices as well.

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