Male Strippers in Villa Park, where to begin? The first question we want you to ask yourself is, what's more important to you? The price on a Male Stripper show or the Quality on a Male Stripper show? I'll tell you right now, we're not the cheapest Male Stripper company in Southern California, we're not the most expensive either. We're smack dab in the middle at what is considered a decent rate. The difference of us and the competition is huge, from the quality all the way as deep as the companies integrity. It all started when BillyRock had become a Male Stripper, not knowing much about the industry he just tried to work for whoever would give him shows. It was a bit of a rough start, but after a few months of proving loyalty BillyRock was working for multiple companies, which loved giving him work. Finally after about a year he asked, why cant I be on the website? I don't like to say I'm Damian, Carl, Johnny etc.. It's just not fair to the customer. The main Male Stripping company BillyRock was working for at the time told him that's not the way this business works. BillyRock didn't like that at all, having some prior knowledge on Graphic Design he decided to give it a try on his own, while remaining to work for a few companies BillyRock started giving customers exactly who they ordered. Hell he didn't even have one fake photo on his website, and to this day he still doesn't have anyone fake on the website. It's an amazing creation, "BillyRock Entertainment" will flourish like some beautiful flowers thanks to treating the customers with dignity and respect. 

When booking a Male Stripper show, what you're going to want to do first is look at the selection of our Male Exotic Dancers by clicking here. Once you've finished checking out the fifteen men that we currently have employed for us, you'll be coming up with at least two but preferably three different guys and have your pick in the preferable order. Now you can either call us to confirm their availability and see which dancer we're going to guarantee you or book online by clicking here. After we've received the form we'll go ahead and check the dancers availability in the order you picked and give you a call or a text message letting you know that we've received the information and letting you know which dancer was available. If for some reason the dancer has to cancel in advance, we'll let you know immediately and begin to message your other choices, checking their availability. If for some reason the dancer has to cancel last minute, due to a injury or family issues we can send you photos of who's available after a mass text message goes out. If you don't like any of the dancers you'll be refunded your deposit in full and receive twenty percent off of your next booking with us as well as a sincere apology. YOU are number one to us, always and forever.

What can you expect at a Male Stripper show? Your dancer of choice will show up in costumer (if requested to) do their agreed upon joke (between customer and dancer on the day of the show by 2 P.M.) Or you can have the dancer go to a private room where he'll change into character. This is something to take up with the dancer immediately when they call to confirm, the morning of the event.  After your dancer comes in, they'll set up and than offer the group to break down large bills for singles. Once this is complete they'll make the companies collection fee. After that they will begin their show with an introduction routine that's choreography put together. They'll than play a game with the guest of honor (Bachelorette, Birthday Girl, Etc.) After that it's random on which game they will play, every dancer runs their shows differently. For instance BillyRock would than play merry go round, involving all the girls in the Stripper Party room allowing everyone to emberass their friends. After that he'd have the girls emberass the Guest of honor by pulling tips off of his body, while giving him a dance.  Finally BillyRock would do special five dollar hot seat lap dances that are longer and more advanced than they Merry go round version. Lastly he'd wrap it up by taking photos with all of the guests, free of charge. Note to customer, many other dancers do charge. That's just not his style.

Villa Park Female Strippers are the sexiest in the industry, offering some of the craziest shows that involve whipped cream and strawberries. Book them for any occasion and keep in mind customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, so we'll make sure that you're happy with the services received. Even though we specialize in Male Strippers we still do offer Female Strippers for your pleasure, they come prepared for the most part. You'll want to have a sound system with what ever kind of music that the guys like. Most girls dance to hip-hop but it's totally up to the customer. We've got a limited selection of girls so you're going to have to text in for a list of them. (626)-478-4754 Book with BillyRock and let us take care of you in every aspect possible. We're bringing integrity and honesty into an industry far gone from the good. It'll be beautiful once again.

Male and Female Strippers in Villa Park are available for any kind of Party, We've got plenty of Stripper choices as well.

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