West Minister Male Strippers from BillyRock Entertainment are guaranteed to be the most authentic in the industry, period. We've got it on lock, all of our dancers are legitimate, we're a professional agency that not only cares about our employees but, we also care deeply for our customers. Customer satisfaction is number one to us. Many other agencies think that we're crazy for running business the honorable way, their simply to lazy to do it the correct way. Luckily I'm a perfectionist and I've managed to get a team of perfectionists together as one. Team Billy Rock aims to please in every aspect possible. Your Male Stripper will not leave until you're completely satisfied. The guest of honor will love you for hiring one of our Exotic Male Dancers. You will also love yourself for making the correct decision. Some girls book through other agencies because of the abundance of photos and their gift of the gab, so to speak. I cannot blame them but, I do forewarn every customer about the dangers of booking through another Male Stripper agency especially in West Minister. At this present time, November eighth, two thousand and sixteen we're the only agency that guarantees the person you order (as long as we confirm availability and nothing happens to them in the mean while.) To other agencies this is traditionally unacceptable. They say we're ruining their business, we say we're saving an industry that's gone completely down the hill in the last ten years.

When booking your Male Stripper through BillyRock Entertainment you're going to have to make a fifty dollar deposit. This deposit goes towards the total show fee. We're the only company that has this policy, why? Because we're guarantying the person that you've chosen. If something were to happen to that person, we'd ask you to choose your back ups and if for some reason at that time they're not available, we'll find out who is and let you pick. If you don't like any of the available men at that time you'll be instantly refunded your deposit along with a future discount and our sincerest apologies. This is rare, but can happen so we do have to put it out there as a sort of disclaimer. If you've booked a Male Stripper in the past you know exactly how it works. I'm telling you with BillyRock Entertainment LLC, we're the exact opposite. We plan on being the go to company for all your Male Exotic Dancer needs. Trust me, you'll always be able to find an occasion to have a sexy Exotic Dancer come perform at your residence.

We've got a simple online booking process which takes no longer than ten minutes (if you're hip to computers) if not, no worries that's what our toll free line is for, 1-800-791-3096 all you have to do is call that number and a live agent will help you book your event within minutes. If you don't have a bank account or debit / credit card we allow you to go to our company bank account at Bank Of America where you can make your deposit, please be sure to save your receipt as proof of payment. We'll attach it to your file, we have an online file system that stores all of our shows. In case of a power failure we have all events backed up onto a flash drive on a daily basis. Remember there's never a party to big or to small, we accommodate to all clients. Some clients are skeptical to call and book because they feel they'll be discriminated against for their sexuality. BillyRock Entertainment does not judge, we treat all customers equally and believe in true showman ship under any condition. 

We've also got Female Strippers available in West Minister, keep in mind that we don't specialize in Female Strippers. Our selection is very limited and you'll have to text in to receive their photos due to privacy policies requested by the girls themselves. The texting line is (626)-478-4754 and we're here to help at all times, if you don't receive a response in a timely manner be sure to call as we may be sleeping since that's our main receptionists personal cell phone line. Remember that our Female Strippers are Exotic dancers and not escorts. We don't offer Escorts at all so please don't ask for them or any sort of sexual favors. Our dancers are trained to leave a party if they're asked to perform sexual acts more than one time. You'll always get a warning first, remember Female Strippers are delicate, tip them well and treat them right and they'll give you that tease that you're looking for. This is perfect for when you're just wanting to get hot and ready for a wife, or girlfriend back home. Get a nice sexual tease, perhaps some strawberries and whipped cream. Basically something to think about when performing with your partner at home later on. If your'e a Bachelor, you're definitely going to want to take mental notes, that way when you get back to your fiance you can show her a few new tricks. Everyone is very professional and try's their best to come in a timely manner. So please enjoy checking out our Female Strippers by texting in and when you're ready to book go ahead and click this link it'll take you directly to the booking page which is the fastest way of booking your Female Stripper Entertainment.

Male and Female Strippers in Westminster are available for any kind of Party, We've got plenty of Stripper choices as well.

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