Yorba Linda Male Strippers at its finest ladies and gentleman, coming straight from BillyRock Entertainment! Number one rated agency in all of Orange County. When booking your Male Stripper be sure to click above on the logo so you can view the selection of the fifteen gentleman that work for us. You may be wondering why we only have fifteen Male Strippers when other companies have fifty to hundred and sometimes more. Well, it all goes back to the good old saying, "if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is." There's a reason why we only have fifteen gentleman working for us. The first and biggest reason is because we're one hundred percent authentic. You never get the traditional "bait and switch" at BillyRock Entertainment.

Everyone in this state has or known someone who has been through a bait and switch situation. What these companies do is they have a large selection of amazing photos and they tell the customer to choose their top three or four choices. Well, I can personally guarantee you you're never going to get number one, two, three, or four. You will get a big line of bull crap, that's going to upset you because they think you're stupid. We're going to use the name, Damian as an example. You order sexy Damian with blue eyes and very buffed up, the guy calls and confirms the party as Damian, or for Damian assuring you he'll be there at the time you ordered. You're super excited because the door bell just rang and there's a police officer standing at the door saying they've got a noise complain. So, you think to yourself, is this a real police officer or a stripper that we did not pick trying to change up the subject.

Well ladies, ten times out of ten it's the stripper but he looks nothing like the one you booked. What's their story when you confront them about the switch? Simple, the company sent me because Damian got a flat tire, or Damian had an emergency with his family. So this stripper who you've not chosen and doesn't fit the script for the guest of honor is waiting to get paid. You think to yourself, what am I to do? There's twenty plus women in the house waiting on a stripper and one surprised guest of honor who's about to get her party spoiled. You decide to pay him because you don't want to ruin your girls big day, you think hopefully he's at least a good dancer.

He comes in, collects your hard earned money and may even ask for more than the agreed upon amount. Sets up his boom - box and red "porn star" light. He begins to do his "show" which consists of violating you and your guests privacy in every way possibly awkward. You end up telling him to leave early, that's okay but everything is ruined and you feel used. Don't be this girl! Listen to my advice, this comes straight from Billy Rock himself, a man who's been in the industry for years and experienced every company in Southern California. Book through us we've only got fifteen dancers and they're all one hundred percent authentic and good. We're number one on Yelp in three different county locations and travel just about anywhere in Southern California.

We have you either book online, which is the simplest way of booking or you can call in and we can take your reservation over the phone. Keep in mind we do take a fifty dollar deposit which when booking online is done through PayPal, the most trusted payment source in the virtual world. If you choose to book over the phone you'll have to make a trip to Bank Of America and make a fifty dollar cash deposit to our business bank account and send us a photo of the receipt. We'll than attach it to your event's personal file that we've made and the rest of the show fee will be due in cash upon arrival. We're currently the only business in our industry that takes deposits. The reason being is everything we've talked about in the passed few paragraphs on this webpage. Call us at 1-800-791-3096 to book over the phone, or ask any questions you may have.  

Yorba Linda Female Strippers from BillyRock Entertainment are limited, as their not our specialty. The only way to obtain photos of these women are to have us text them in to you. You can text us at (626)-478-4754, we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Pick your girls and than decide on one and let us know so that we can check availability. Female Strippers are huge on tipping, majority of them will leave if guests are not tipping so please do keep that in mind. This will go with any Stripper company.

The difference between us is that we inform you of everything ahead of time and keep it one hundred throughout the process. If you're in need of getting a Female Stripper because your buddy is getting married, or got a friends birthday coming up these are good occasions. Make sure you are prepared financially and you'll have a great time. Any questions feel free to call us at 1-800-791-3096, we're here to answer any questions that you may have. You can also book females over the phone. It's the same process as booking a Male Stripper, we do our best to satisfy you when booking Female Strippers in Yorba Linda. 

Male and Female Strippers in Yorba linda are available for any kind of Party, We've got plenty of Stripper choices as well.

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