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About Billy Rock Entertainment Company

Here at Billy Rock Entertainment, we send you the most reliable, professional, male and female exotic dancers in Southern California. Our team is a unique band of certified individuals with one shared goal, to provide you with mind-blowing adult entertainment. Created in 2014 we have come quite far, even though we are not at our peak we continue to strive for success daily. We are proud to present the most thrilling performances that you'll ever see; each dancer has rock-solid routines that come personalized to their strengths. Proudly serving a variety of different parties, we offer world-class striptease services at affordable rates with the highest skilled entertainers. 

You can hire male or female strippers for any of the following services:

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Party

  • Birthday Party

  • Divorce

  • Valentines Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Colombus Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas 

  • Football Sunday

  • Superbowl

  • Guys Night Out

  • Ladies Night Out

These are merely suggestions we service all events.

Expect nothing less than the best because we are different from the rest 


While competitors work day and night thinking of how to start up their next scam artist website we are on our daily grind of producing reliable exotic dancing services for our local Southern California residents such as yourself. Our work speaks for itself as we launch never before seen promotional video footage that you can easily verify for authenticity by checking our watermarked labels and throughout our dancer's photos, you'll easily be able to match them with our professional striptease dancing material. Performing a google search will help you understand the difference between fake (them) and real (us) once you have done your striptease dancer research you will have concluded that the majority of the businesses throughout the internet appeal to be cheesy, and ultimately counterfeit/fake. 

The Crash Course on running a business the Billy Rock Entertainment way 101

Exotic Dancer, Billy Rock worked for the majority of the companies on the internet including the ones that you will find referenced above. While being a performer every weekend responsible for entertaining many women, Billy always strived for excellence his focus is keen, and he doesn't let anything bother him. Billy is not a good liar and did not want to have to tell the women of the private stripping events that his name was something that indeed it was not. In the past, Billy often reported feeling like he was deceiving the women and the owners of the striptease dancing companies did not care about the way he felt because to them this was and always will be a numbers game. This fact alone made him want to start up a private stripping company, he had something to prove, and he sure went out and made his point heard by creating Billy Rock Entertainment. Although this was not an overnight deal, we are four years into the business, and we are continually improving because we know that we will never be perfect, but we will always strive for perfection. There are some key points that we would like to go over with you because we genuinely feel this is what Billy Rock Entertainment is all about.


Authenticity is our greatest company feature you get the dancer that you order, with that said I would like to challenge you to ask five friends the same question. "Have you ever ordered a Stripper before?" out of the five people you ask at least one will have booked an exotic dancer or been at a party where an exotic dancer had performed a striptease dance. Then ask them "how was the dancer and did they look like the person from the photograph?" Unless they directly knew the dancer the answer would be so-so on the show and no on the comparison in photographs. If you are not getting the product that you are paying for then why even order?  









Better Business Promotions Brought to You Through Professional Video and Photography

All modern day successful business promotions are conducted through verifiable video and professional photographs, at Billy Rock Entertainment we have the most authentic exotic dancing footage in all of Southern California. Billy Rock Entertainment's featured on various t.v. shows such as Bad Girls Club, Rica Famosa Latina, Snap Chat Discovery #Brother Channel, and L.A. T.V. 'S very own "Get it, Girl." No competitor in the striptease industry can compare to our reputation and legitimacy. We have put together some video footage, and we ask that you give us just a little bit of your time so that we can help educate you on our marvelous reputation. 

Get it Girl Brought to you by The LATV Network










In this episode of Get it Girl the women interview Exotic Dancer Billy Rock, the topic of the chapter covers the difference between Male and Female strippers and how both genders may feel objectified while performing. Billy Rock goes into detail on how Male Strippers have to put in much more effort and preparation than the Female Strippers because of the choreography, strict dieting, roleplaying (costumes), and physical training that is required to be successful in this highly competitive industry. Majority of the time Female Strippers are dancing for intoxicated men that want to see the product underneath the clothing whereas a woman would rather see her fantasy come true, much preparation goes into bringing these dreams alive. Without doing further research, we can understand how a woman feels objectified throughout their career as an exotic dancer because as previously stated the audience is mostly made of drunk and horny men with wandering hands. Then brings the question "Do Male Strippers feel objectified"? Let us begin and see how a Male Stripper living every regular man's dream by getting paid to dance for women can even start to feel objectified. Just like men, women can get drunk and obnoxious as well, this occurs less often than it does with men but as mentioned in the video the ladies can use their hands to smack the strippers bums with exhilarating force. After the Male Stripper's struck, there is no other feeling besides objectification and anger, especially when they are putting on a show that they have worked so hard to prepare for the group's entertainment. 



Bad Girls Club: Back for More; The fourteenth season of the Oxygen reality television series Bad Girls Club











In this preview of Bad Girls Club Season 14 Episode 03 "Birthday Hoe Down" Exotic Dancers Billy Rock and Jay Rock travel to 

Valencia, CA where this season of Bad Girls Club took place. The Claremont twins were celebrating their birthday party duo, and the other girls decided to take it upon themselves and order Male Strippers as a surprise for the twins. After the performance had concluded Lauren gives Billy Rock extra special attention causing jealousy throughout the household and asks the guys to stay, but they kept the vibe professional and left after the striptease services had come to an end.




Billy Rock Entertainment and Social Media

Saying that digital marketing has had a substantial impact on modern-day business would be an understatement. Here at Billy Rock Entertainment, we understand that changes are always happening and that social media is now a necessity to show customers the quality product that we offer to the beautiful people of Southern California. With this knowledge obtained we strive to bring you nothing less than the best entertainment on a consistent basis primarily using Instagram as our basis of media output as it pairs so well with our business being that we are part of the entertainment industry. Do not worry this does not mean that we are slacking off from putting work into the other platforms widely available, instead, we are concentrating on the one that is most relevant to our business and it is quite evident as to why. Photography and videography play a large role in the exotic dancing industry because our customers want to see the product before they make their reservation making Instagram the prime-time platform for evolving our business into the most elite exotic dancing agency that Southern California has yet to see.









The Best Guarantee from the Most Authentic Exotic Dancing Agency that's ever entered the Striptease Industry​

Billy Rock Entertainment will set you at ease with the best guarantee in the striptease industry. Placing a reservation with us is an easy and comfortable task, throughout the process we will keep excellent communication with you from start to finish in total you will receive three different confirmation e-mails. The first e-mail will contain a copy of the form you have filled out online; the second will be a receipt for the deposit of the show that you reserved, the third and final e-mail will contain your shows information along with a detailed party guide that you will be required to read. We guarantee the dancer of your choice, in the case of an emergency and your dancer cannot make it we will notify you immediately, presenting the currently available options to you. If for any reason you do not like the choices available we can process a refund for the deposit and reschedule at your convenience. All of our professional exotic dancers are of the highest quality; they receive thorough training from the best original strippers in Southern California.









All-Star Customer Service From The Best Name in The Striptease Dancing Industry

Allow yourself to put your mind at ease knowing that you are booking entertainment from the highest rated company in the industry. Our customer service skills are beyond professional, and we will do everything in our power to ensure satisfaction from the beginning of the booking process all the way until the completion of your exotic dancing party. We know that the customer is always right and we embrace this throughout your phone conversation, no question should ever go unanswered and we will make sure of that so allow yourself to trust in us and you will be glad that you did. Every customer receives individual attention and true professionalism. We believe that there is no such thing as a stupid question and encourage you to raise any of your concerns as it is our mission to make you feel confident in our services. There is a reason why we remain the number one rated striptease dancing agency in Southern California since 2014; no other company puts the care into their product as we do. All of our performers are personally trained by our top-notch team of highly skilled entertainers to ensure that you receive nothing but the highest quality. We set the industry standard and raise the bar making it difficult for others to compete against us as our hard work and dedication shows, we are comfortable being uncomfortable because we know that you need the best of quality that was previously nonexistent before the Billy Rock Entertainment team established themselves. 

The BillyRock Entertainment Difference

The BillyRock Entertainment team has brought light to a business previously in the dark, we vow to bring you the absolute best entertainment in the exotic dancing industry, and that is a fact. Our team takes the time to thoroughly answer all of your questions and concerns from beginning to end making us stand out from the rest of the stripping companies that are existent. Our goal is to wash out the negativity that surrounds the business for example when the movie Magic Mike released it brought high expectations throughout the striptease community, and we have been putting considerable effort into ensuring these expectations receive the proper attention. Our Exotic Dancers come prepared with choreographed routines uniquely designed for your pleasure. We know that bachelorette parties are a once in a lifetime experience that are remembered for many years to come, with that said you'll want to hire only the best dancers on the market from the highest ranked company, Billy Rock Entertainment. We ask that you bring up all questions because we genuinely care about the success of your striptease party. Unlike our competitors, we are straightforward about the complete booking process from the start including all fees so there will be no unexpected surprise because no one likes surprises when it comes to his or her hard earned money. At the end of the booking process, we will send you out a detailed e-mail that will include a full-length party guide that will answer any questions that you may have and we ask that you confirm you have read and fully understand the entirety of the guide. For any reason if the you feel the guide is missing any information or you have further questions do not hesistate to reply to the e-mail or text/call us as your satisfaction is our number one priority. 

Authentic Strippers for Hire
Highest Quality Exotic Dancers
Highest Quality Exotic Dancers
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