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Hire The Best Online Virtual Party Strippers

Welcome to Billy Rock Entertainment, the best online exotic dancing agency, providing the entire world with top-notch virtual party strippers that are available for hire through the Zoom platform.

Through these troubling times, Billy Rock Entertainment has figured out a way to help you and all your family/friends continue celebrating the best moments that life has to offer such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, divorce parties, ladies’ night, guys night, graduation party celebrations, bridal parties, quarantine parties and much more. We provide you with the best virtual party dancers that the internet has to offer.

Look No Further, You Found The Real Deal...

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Virtual Strippers Through Zoom


The Billy Rock Entertainment team's composed of highly skilled exotic dancers that all have one goal in mind, and that's to turn your virtual stripper party into the best time you've had since the quarantine began. We plan to continue offering this service post quarantine, and some may question why? Please, let me explain, our virtual striptease for hire is perfect in this world of confinement, and it will continue to work when things go back to what we call "normal," and that's because of this simple equation, "normal = busy." In our "normal" world, it's challenging to get everyone together at the same time. Yes, we may be able to convene everyone for a wedding or a bachelor/ette party, however, what about the birthday parties, or what if you'd like to send someone a message to their office without getting unwanted heat from their bosses? Our services are perfect for a live striptease dance or a fully customized prerecorded striptease show with everything from a unique story-line, to the costume of your preference, and even the songs you'd like the virtual stripper to play during his/her performance.

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Worry-Free - Authentic - Online Party Stripper Service

The best thing about our services is that you can now book us worry-free, but what does worry-free mean? Everyone has a story about a strip show gone wrong, and it usually starts with "Hey! You're not the dancer from the photos!" If you haven't heard about one of these stories, or you've been lucky enough not to experience it. I recommend you take a few minutes to start asking some of your friends or family members (especially the ones who've been around for a while, like your aunts and uncles) after a few conversations you'll have a little insight on the terrible encounters people have endured. What else is worry-free about our virtual striptease services? No more having a stranger come to your house, no more upset husband, wife, parents, in-laws, and the list goes on. We must face the music; not everyone wants their significant other to hire a stripper! Well, now that it's virtual, we take all those worries away. What more do you require out of such a flawless service?

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