Billy Rock Entertainment Pricing and Online Booking

Thank you for choosing to book with Billy Rock Entertainment! Below you'll find the general pricing, and then as you scroll down you'll find our booking forms. Once we receive your party's details we'll then reach out to help you finalize everything. The process is simple, and professional.

Male and Female Stripper Prices

(A Travel Fee applies to certain areas, you can confirm the rate with a booking agent via e-mail/telephone or get a 100% customized quote via our Quote Request Form.)

1/2 Hour 1 Dancer - Starting at $179*

1 Hour 1 Dancer - Starting at $225* [BEST VALUE]

1/2 Hour 2 Dancers - Starting at $339*

You can have the dancers for a 1/2 hour together or a 1/2 hour each (at different times.)

1 Hour 2 Dancers - Starting at $399* [GREATEST VALUE]

You can have the dancers for 1 hour together or 1 hour each (at different times.)

Description of Female Stripper Services (1-Hour)

Your female dancer(s) will come for a one-hour show. If the party is going well and the guests continue to tip, the dancer(s) may stay up to two hours or longer if their schedule allows it. During their stay, they will play a variety of fun and exciting party games with you and your guests. Some entertainers will have upgraded packages available such as fire and ice shows and much more. However, the additional packages they may offer are not required to purchase, and we have nothing to do with them. With that said, we do not know their cost as each entertainer has different packages and pricing available. If you like what they offer and choose to upgrade, that's entirely up to you and your party patrons. The regular lap dances and basic party games are part of the show; make sure you continue to tip, so they continue to strip. To be clear, we only profit a small agency fee and do not receive any percentage of their tips or of any additional packages that may get purchased during their stay at your event.

Description of Male Stripper Services  (1-Hour)

They will come equipped with a  professional speaker, as well as lighting, and a surprise costume. They provide all the greatest hits and DJ the entire party themselves. When the show begins, they'll start with a choreographed dance for the guest of honor, and then throughout the hour, they'll play a variety of fun and appealing party games with all of the guests. At the end of the hour, they typically wrap things up with a group photo. If you want to extend the party, as long as the entertainer's schedule permits, you can usually cash in some larger bills for some more single dollar bills and continue to get lap dances and play party games.

Other Services Available (or to hire 3 entertainers or more see below)

Do you want to hire more than 3 Strippers? Do you want to hire Bartenders, Servers, Buff Butlers, Poker Dealers, Eye Candy? Please do one of the following, Call, Fill out our Contact Form, Fill out our Custom Quote Form, or E-mail.


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Virtual Entertainment

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