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Meet Bachelor Party Exotic Dancer Tanya Marz - San Diego CA - Billy Rock Entertainment

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Meet Tanya Marz, a young exotic dancer based out of San Diego, CA, well-favored for her eccentric personality and praised for her beauty. Whenever Ms. Marz steps into the room, you look at her, she smiles from ear to ear, and you can feel the positivity pouring out of her soul. She didn't choose to be an exotic dancer, no, the profession chose her. Tanya is available for bachelor parties, birthday parties, guys night out, poker parties, and much more. We here at Billy Rock Entertainment have a few announcements to make regarding the launch of our BLOG and VLOG. We want everyone to know that Billy Rock is going to bring you the funniest, best, genuine moments of his life to light. We are looking forward to giving everyone a chance to peek into the exciting life of a male stripper. To say we take pride in bringing you authentic exotic dancers that you can order anywhere in Southern California would be an understatement; we will deliver satisfaction, and that's guaranteed.

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