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Insights From a Virtual Male Stripper During COVID-19 in 2020.

  • What do you like about Virtual Stripping?

When it comes to virtual stripper shows, I love how I don't have to leave my house. The set up is quite easy, and I get to perform in the comfort of my home. I don't have to worry about anyone popping in on me. However, yesterday, I did have my apartment manager place a work order for my air conditioner, and without my knowledge, they gave the maintenance staff permission to enter my apartment. I happened to be but naked, with nothing covering me except a custom fabric stripper towel that I had made. (See photo below, lol.)

Male Stripper Custom Fabric Towels for Bachelorette Party

There were around twenty-five guests all over the United States watching me perform as two maintenance staff members entered my apartment. I'm not sure who was more startled, me, the maintenance people, or the virtual party patrons seeing all this go down. The stripper party supporters ended up informing me later on that they thought it was all part of the show. At this point, my face was redder than a tomato on a hot, sunny, California day, but in the end, it all worked out. I also like how I'm able to turn the camera on and off so that I can change my virtual stripper thongs between sets and prepare for different acts. For many years I've dealt with chronic back pain, and in person, the girls typically expect the male stripper to pick them up and perform stunts/tricks. While stripping virtually on the internet, no one expects me to pick anyone up, besides my blow-up Betty doll, and luckily for me, she only weighs about a half-pound or so, haha. I like how my professional lighting casts onto my body, it makes me look super ripped, and you can see every cut in my muscle definition.

  • Do you prefer Virtual Stripper bookings or Private Party Bookings?

It's hard to choose between the two. That's like asking me if I prefer to date a woman with a hot/fit body or a gorgeous face. If I tally up the pros and cons, I have to say that the virtual shows take the cake (in a logical "not fun" sense, haha,) but the private stripper parties have the potential to be more fun. When doing a private party, I've got to lunk around a bunch of heavy equipment, get in my car and drive somewhere (usually pretty far away) to deal with all the risks that come with driving and then get tempted to drink alcohol with the girls. Typically, I perform in cities that are quite far from me. At the end of the night (if I managed to stay sober enough to drive), I've got around a two-hour drive ahead of me, full of bitch slapping the shit out of myself and pounding cans of Redbull and possibly popping some Adderall. With all of that caffeine and amphetamine consumption, when I finally get home, falling asleep isn't the most straightforward task to complete. However, I feed off the energy that those sexy women supply me with, I get the same feeling from the virtual gigs, but on a less intense level. If I had a personal chauffeur and didn't have to pay for gasoline, then I'd say the private party gigs are the best, but since that's a fairy tale and my logical mind tells me to do what's right, the virtual stripper parties take the cake.

  • How has the Coronavirus affected stripping?

To say the Coronavirus has made a negative impact on the exotic dancing world would be an understatement. If it weren't for the creation of virtual stripping, I would've lost everything I had, including my place. When the COVID-19 first came about, I flew out to Wisconsin because I was contemplating moving there. I thought that the modern world as we once knew it was over. It was late March, and the weather was cold, so cold that I decided I was going to stay in California. At this point, virtual striptease dancing was only an idea, and I wasn't sure it would turn into anything. All I knew for sure was that private party stripping seemed to be a thing of the past, and unless I figured out a way to get some income rolling in, I was going to go broke. I spoke to my roommate, another exotic dancer named Kreme, and I told him that I was most likely going to put all of my stuff into a storage unit and move back into my mother's house. After some conversating about virtual strippers, we decided bachelorette parties will still need entertainment. We concluded that we'd give things one more month to see if this virtual stripper idea would take off. I'm glad we waited that extra month because virtual stripper parties did take off, and some Palm Springs private stripper parties started booking us again. Between the virtual strip o' gram gigs and the occasional private party booking, my pocketbook balanced out close to what I'd make if things were normal. I believe that virtual stripper gigs will remain a thing beyond the Coronavirus. Women worldwide are finding reasons to book us for their quarantine parties, including, but not limited to, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, cocktail hour, happy hour, ladies night, virtual bridal showers, and much more.

  • Do you plan on performing for Virtual parties after things go back to "normal?"

I'm not sure if the world will ever be "normal" again, nothing is for sure. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, just the other night, on July 1st, 2020, announced the closure of most bars, indoor restaurants, movie theatres, and much more. Before this announcement, I noticed a steady increase in California private party stripper bookings. A few days ago, or since Gavin Newsom mentioned the possible shut down that went into effect last night, the Palm Springs private party bookings decreased dramatically, and the worldwide virtual striptease bachelorette party online bookings increased by an incredible fifty percent! Let's face it; not everyone's comfortable with a male stripper dancing on them in person. The thought of it makes many women uncomfortable, but knowing they can be in the comfort of their home watching the show with their best friends over the internet makes them more at ease with the idea and open to booking virtual stripper services.

  • How does tipping work with virtual stripping?

Great question! Everyone, well, pretty much everyone knows that it's etiquette to tip strippers. But the question remains, how in the hell do I tip you while I'm watching you through a screen! The answer is simple, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or PayPal. Before the virtual stripper starts their performance, they begin with a soundcheck and then post their tipping methods through the chat for everyone to see. Unfortunately, it's easier to get stiffed online, and it does happen, haha. However, many understand the struggle and appreciate the dedication that goes into the performance, making sure to show love through virtual gratuity.

  • Would you recommend virtual stripping to a friend?

Yes, I already have recommended virtual stripping to many of my male stripper friends! While the service's growing popularity, it still isn't anywhere near popular enough to "feed" all of my male stripper friends. Luckily, a few of them, including myself, get booked a few times a week, although we'd love to get booked more and hope that the service continues to grow with time and social acceptance/recognition.

  • How do you set up your virtual stripper shows?

I put a lot of thought into my shows. Immediately after the first show concluded, I started thinking, how can I make this service better? After searching the internet for a while, I ordered professional lighting and backdrop set off of Amazon.

The backdrop, softboxes, and umbrella lighting made all the difference; however, I still wanted to make the show better. I began to think more in-depth into my act and came up with an idea inspired by the movie, "Fifty Shades of Grey" there's a sensual scene when Christian Grey used a low burning candle on his woman, Anastasia's body. I remembered all the women in the movie theatre, eating the scene up like a child eating candy. You bet I purchased those low burning candles from Amazon.

I had a continued desire to make the show even better, so I began searching for more ideas, I started asking other male stripper friends what they would do to spice up the virtual striptease performance. El Colombiano had what I like to call "genius idea." He suggested that I buy a kiddie pool from Walmart and perform a hot, soap sponge bath inside it. I took on the idea and then later decided to offer an upgrade to the service. I'd eventually offer to pour wine all over my body while inside the pool. The ladies went crazy for this idea, and three months later, it continues to be a hit. Jay Rock had a magnificent idea himself. He said that we should order blow up Judy dolls

and use them in place of the bachelorette or birthday girl/guest of honor. Another genius idea from a close male stripper friend, as a creative person, I'm always open to ideas from others, and then I add in some personality on top. I decided to buy some whipped cream, of course, I got the almond milk or coconut milk version with reduced sugar because as a virtual male stripper I've got to watch my figure. During my shows, I pour whipped cream over the blow-up Judy doll, aka the bachelorette/guest of honor, and seductively lick it off, the ladies go wild! Women love fantasy, so I give the ladies a choice between fireman, police officer, GQ suit/tie combo, or a construction worker. Last but not least, I have custom thongs with matching capes made that I randomly change out throughout the show. I'm proud to say that I continuously keep the crowd engaged, entertained, and begging for more.

  • Do you/have you performed two or three-man shows in the virtual stripper world?

Yes, the third virtual performance that I did was a three-person gig with El Colombiano, Kreme, and myself. We made a video of it here, don't mind the laundry baskets, haha

I can say that it was interesting, we were all pumped up about it and the ladies had a fantastic time. Since then, I've only done one virtual show with more than one dancer, and that was for the Adonis Unzipped UK based virtual show. That was quite interesting, to say the least soon after I turned Jay Rock onto the group and he performed, the gentlemen said that he put on a hell of a performance and they'd love to have him back. Today they asked me if I'd be able to do the next one, Normally I'd say I was too busy because it's on Saturday and there's too much potential to earn big bucks on Saturdays; however, due to the time difference I'm all about it!

  • How do you play music so that everyone has an even, positive listening experience?

Before meeting the Adonis Unzipped Group, I played music from my computer but would have the audio picked up by my microphone. Once I performed for the Adonis Group, I quickly learned that there's a much better way. They taught me about a feature built into Zoom that's called "share screen." Using this feature, I'm able to cast my desktop's audio to all of the virtual party patron's throughout the Zoom chat. Creating an even listening experience across the entire bachelorette, birthday party, or whatever party we're celebrating in the Zoom meeting.

  • Are there female strippers that do virtual parties?

Yes, the Billy Rock Entertainment Group also has female strippers available for bachelor parties, birthday parties, guys night out events, and much more. Navigate to the virtual female stripper page and check out the selection of sexy exotic dancers available for your next party by click here.

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