We are Billy Rock Entertainment and this is our story

Hello and welcome to Billy Rock Entertainment. We are an Exotic Dancing agency that delivers, professional performers straight to your doorstep. We first started the business in June of 2014; the idea came from Billy Rock. At the age of 21, Billy began to look into the Exotic Dancing industry. Through first sight, he thought that it would be near impossible to compete with the other "entertainers" that were already working in the field. The reasoning behind Billy's thoughts was due to the photos that he had found on the websites. After being hired by an agency, Billy learned that the images the companies used were counterfeits.  Random models throughout the world had their photos stolen and posted on these "Stripper" websites to trick men and women into believing they are going to get one of the fantastic dancers posted online. 
    Throughout the entire year of 2013, Billy Rock worked for multiple Exotic Dancing agencies throughout Southern California. While companies were very impressed with Billy's excellent customer service callbacks, Billy had other mixed feelings going on. Growing up in the midwest had a significant roll on Billy's overall character. The mixed feelings he had pertained to the "bait and switch" that was going on. Although none of the women were ever upset that he was not the guy in the photo it still did not sit right with his conscious.  As time went by here came June 2014, little did Billy know that he would be changing the Exotic Dancing industry to an industry full of integrity and pride. 
    Yelp had been a popular choice for Billy when it came to any good/services that he needed to have conducted. After a little bit of research, and some thought process Billy Rock introduced the Exotic Dancing Industry of Southern California to Yelp. Quickly he began to get fantastic reviews and business started rolling. Everyone was winning; the dancer did not have to lie about who he was, the customer was happy he or she received what he or she had spent his or her hard-earned money. The company received positive feedback through Yelp and then came more shows. Everything was perfect, communication entirely on point. 
    Four years into putting the blood, sweat, and tears of Billy Rock Entertainment into Yelp obtaining 174, five stars recommended reviews in the Los Angeles area and another 52 into the Palm Springs and Desert Cities area. All to get a surprise four years later that Yelp will no longer be going to be displaying our business profiles and we immediately had our business accounts wiped clean. Luckily, the page still exists, and you can even view all of our reviews from the website in our "Yelp Testimonials" section.  This tragedy was a massive brick in the wall for Billy Rock Entertainment; we provide quality entertainment that is needed by the people of Southern California. We are now promoting in other ways than Yelp, but unfortunately, they are not as successful as Yelp has been.  We are going to be showing you live footage to prove our authenticity from here on.