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Jayke Knight - West Hollywood, CA

Hey, what's up fellas of Los Angeles, California? Meet our hottest gay male stripper, Jayke Knight. Jayke started as an Instagram model, and that's where we scouted him to work with our five-star rated striptease agency. It didn't take much to get this local L.A. stud on board. Jayke is a fantastic performer; his ability to catch onto new choreography is something that I hadn't seen before. Whenever Jayke performs, you can guarantee he's giving it his absolute best. He has a hot and wild side to him that is explicit and entertaining. Life wasn't always easy for Jayke; at the age of eighteen years old, he drove his mustang from Texas to Los Angeles without looking back or knowing what he was going to do for work. Luckily he's got survival instinct in him and adapted to the fast-paced Los Angeles lifestyle faster than most. When Jayke first arrived in Los Angeles, he lived out of his car for an entire month while working two jobs. He was able to put himself into an apartment quickly; he's got an impressive one in a million work ethic. Once Jayke created his Instagram account, there was no looking back; he rapidly obtained a model deal that allowed himself to achieve freedom from both of his nine to five jobs. Shortly after Jayke converted to a full-time Instagram model, we slid up in his D.M. Our company approached Jayke with the opportunity to become an exotic dancer for our Los Angeles stripper agency. Jayke is the best choice for any gay male stripper party in L.A., and we guarantee you're going to have nothing short of a fantastic time with him. He is available for guy's night out parties, bachelor parties, poker nights, SuperBowl parties, and much more. Feel free to book him through our website or call us up, and we'll take care of you with excellent and rapid customer service.

Hottest Gay Stripper in West Hollywood, CA

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Super Hot Gay Male Stripper Los Angeles, CA

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Height:  5'10"
Weight: 180
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green with red tint (rare)
Birth Year: 
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Home Location: Los Angeles, CA
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Exotic Dancer Stats

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