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Dancer's Bio

Jade is kind and curious but also playful and full of energy! The natural beauty knows how to work for a crowd, is always up for a good conversation, and is fantastic party entertainment. In addition, her outrageous body is known for attracting much attention from men and women!
Jade enjoys performing at bachelor parties, birthday parties, and guys' night out events and provides excellent dance move services.
Jade is proud of her appearance, attitude, and work. She always makes an effort to get to know her guests and enjoys her time with everyone. Jade is your elite outgoing party starter with a bubbly personality to lighten any room.
Jade will undoubtedly be remembered at your next event. Jade is the life of the party with her upbeat, bubbly, cheeky, and seductive demeanor; the audience will beg her not to leave.
Prepare to have one of the best times of your life. We know it sounds strange, but trust us on this! Jade will elevate your night out and make you feel like a king.
Jade is entertaining! With flair to scare and charisma to charm, this girl is always ready to start a party. Jade enjoys stripping at various events as well as performing bachelor party shows.
Jade is not the shy type; she has been to her fair share of parties and is not afraid to stay until the sun comes up. She enjoys having fun, putting on epic performances, and ensuring the gentlemen are well cared for. Her performance is kinky, hot, and insanely naughty, with nothing left to the imagination.

Dancer's Details

Height:  5' 1"

Weight: 115 Lbs

Hair: Long, Curly, Brown

Eyes: Brown

Birth Year: 1994

Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asian

Home Location: Los Angeles, CA

Languages Spoken: English

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