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Dancer's Bio

Stephanie is the most attractive stripper you will ever meet. Strippers being seductive is not a new phenomenon. But, on the other hand, Stephanie takes it to a whole new level. You may believe you understand seduction, but you do not.
A bachelor or guys' night out party, like wine and cheese, is best matched with a hot stripper like Stephanie. She provides plenty of entertainment during the party, ensuring an enjoyable event. Stephanie has been at fun striptease parties for several years and is an experienced, reliable entertainer.
Stephanie has demonstrated to be an effective stripper who will always show up and put on a great show. Stephanie will take it all off, making your fantasies a reality. Do not let other strippers let you down. You will not be disappointed if you book Stephanie.
Stephanie is both friendly and naughty. Many have been seduced by her and spent the entire night watching her dance moves. Stephanie is a premiere party girl you shouldn't contemplate hiring for your party; it's a no-brainer. She is the stripper for your party if you want a sexy stripper who is the life of the party and the guys will fall in love with her. However, do not think that having a Bill Rock Entertainment stripper at a bachelor's party is just about getting dirty. Stephanie can adjust the theme to include even your less daring friends.
Stephanie enjoys her work and appreciates pleasing her audience. Be nice to her, and she will return the favor. She takes her job seriously and works hard to maintain a super hot body and excellent appealing attitude to make your night hot and memorable. Take advantage of this chance to bond with your friends through pole dancing, lap dancing, and hot striptease. Hire her and get up close stripping from the most desirable female stripper in the sector.

Dancer's Details

Height:  5' 3"

Weight: 130 Lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Birth Year: 1995

Ethnicity: Latina

Home Location: Bellflower, CA

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

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