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Meet Leo, one of the most trustworthy and honest people you will ever speak with in your life. He chooses to work for Billy Rock Entertainment for it’s honest, truthful and respectful culture. Leo currently resides in San Diego, CA, and performs all over San Diego County. Fun fact, Leo was overweight as a child and into his teen years. He realized that something needed to change in his life and he made that happen. Not only did he make a change, he changed his entire lifestyle. After years of eating healthy and busting his ass at the gym, he obtained his dream physique. This shredded stud now has washboard abs that he loves to show off as a Latino stripper. Not only that, he is now a certified personal trainer that has a passion for helping others achieve their goals! This sexy sweetheart also has two sisters and is a huge fan of ninja turtles. He loves taking long walks on the beach and visiting Sea World for the beautiful wild life. If you like what you see and want to book a kind, sweet, and hot male stripper for a special someone, then book Leo. You won’t regret it! Book him online now for the following events: bachelorette parties, divorce parties, bridal parties, girl’s night out events, and more! If you'd prefer to book over the phone, call us at (760) 459-2266 and one of our professional booking agents would be happy to take your party's information down.

Hottest Latino Stripper San Diego, CA
Super Sexy Exotic Dancer San Diego, CA
Super Hot Latin Stripper LA/Orange County/San Diego

Height:  6'
Weight: 210
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light brown
Birth Year: 1992
Ethnicity: Latino
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Exotic Dancer Stats

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