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Savor the Sights of Our Prestigious, Talented, & Sexy Strippers in Whittier

Booking with Billy Rock Entertainment is one of the best decisions you can make when planning your important event! Our sexy Strippers & Exotic Dancers in Whittier have your satisfaction in mind, so let them take care of you. With years of experience and satisfied customers behind us, you can feel safe knowing that your special night is in safe hands, letting you sit back and enjoy the show just like everyone else! Over the years, we’ve brought entertainment to a vast amount of events, such as Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Office Parties, as well as Birthday Parties! We’re able to accommodate an array of requests to make sure everything works perfectly, such as clothing themes, dance and music styles, even specific performances you may have in mind. Our talented Strippers & Performers are also well-versed in a selection of entertainment and games for you and your guests to enjoy, such as Body Shots, Poker, Topless Bartending, and even personal shows for the guest of honor! Our performers are also able to attend almost any venue your event may be held at, including Private Residences, Hotels, Stationary Party Buses, AirBnBs, and even Hired Venues! Book now and let the stress of planning melt away, leave things to us and look forward to your evening as much as everyone else is!

The dynamic female performers in Whittier
The dazzling male performers in Whittier

Gorgeous & Flirty Female Strippers, Available Throughout Whittier

Planning a Bachelor Party can be a daunting task, but thankfully for you, our Female Strippers in Whittier pride themselves on being able to leave you feeling confident that the entertainment is covered. With a vast supply of outfits, music styles, knowledge of dances and performances, there’s no room left for you to worry, simply let them do what they do best and enjoy the show! When booking, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any preferred outfits in mind, as our Femahave a variety at our disposal, such as Sexy police Officers, Nurses, Schoolgirls, Swimsuit Babes, and even Go-Go Dancers! We’re also able to host games for your guests to enjoy, or even special entertainment to spice things up. From Poker Nights, Body Shots, and Private Shows, to Topless Bartending, Nude Dances, and even a special show for the guest of honor! After years in the business, we’ve likely done it all, which means you’re in for an experience that’ll blow you and your guests away! Make your Bachelor Partysomething special for your guests to remember, contact us to sort out the details of your booking, we’ll handle the rest!

Youtubers Alondra & Elsy show their trust in Billy Rock Entertainment, a provider of professional private party strippers in Whittier.
Anthony Padilla trusts Billy Rock Entertainment for professional private party strippers in Whittier.

Book the Best Male Strippers in Whittier, Eager to Perform & Please

Since as early as 2014, Billy Rock Entertainment has been providing some of the best Male Strippers in Whittier, each eager to make your Bachelorette Party a rousing success! It’s something we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of many times before, being trusted with the entertainment of such a special day, and it’s an absolute treat to see the reactions! You’re able to experience the same prestigious shows and performances as the many glowing reviews have experienced before. You will also have our collection of costumes and outfits at your disposal, perfect for if you’d like a Sexy Police Officer, Fireman, or even a touch of Leather! With experience hosting Poker Nights, working as a Shirtless Bartender, giving Lap-Dances and Private Shows, even setting things alight with a Strip-Show! You’re in capable hands with our Male Strippers, their skills letting them entrance the entire room, not leaving a single face that isn’t red and flustered. The prospect of being able to enjoy this as one of your guests must be a tantalizing one, which is why we’re proud to say that you’re able to! Simply give any details you have in mind to us when booking and we will handle the rest! Sit back and enjoy the sexy sights as you deserve!

Leave Your Guests Red-Faced with Our Female & Male Strippers, Available All Across Whittier for Your Birthday Party

With so many Birthday Parties being serviced by us in Whittier every day, our Female & Male Strippers have become some of the best in the business, a wealth of experience at their disposal to make yours one to remember. While not just being experienced, our performers also take incredible care of themselves, able to show off their gorgeous bodies for you and your guests during their shows, inviting the eye to savor the sights. Not only are they experienced and drop-dead gorgeous, but our Female & Male Strippers are also well-versed in hosting fun games and shows for everyone to enjoy! Just to name a few, hosting Poker Nights, giving Private Dances, Body Shots, Nude Dances, Strip-Shows, and even some personal attention for the guest of honor! There’s no need to let planning take up your special day, let us handle it and allow yourself the chance to sit back and enjoy the show! There’ll certainly be plenty to see.

Trustworthy Billy Rock Entertainment provides the best party strippers for hire in Whittier. Seen here: Snapchat Brother Channel and LATV Network.
David Dobrik and the VLOG Squad trust Billy Rock Entertainment to provide top notch strippers for all their private party needs.
Trustworthy Billy Rock Entertainment, as seen on Oxygen and in Shagmag Magazine.

About Our Services

Billy Rock Entertainment has been providing outstanding service to Whittier for many years now, but we’re always striving to ensure that our service remains one of the best in the business. To that end, we will try to attend any event venue that we can, including Hotels, AirBnBs, Pool Parties, Personal Residences, Stationary Party Buses, and too many more to list! Let us know when booking where the event will be located and we will be sure to accommodate you. Our most rigid point is the acceptance of our LGBT friends in our events. No one will ever experience any discrimination at our venues, regardless of gender, religion, sexuality, background, circumstances, or any conceivable reason! The exciting moments that we want to share belong to everyone, and we want to keep it that way. To that end, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to ensure the comfort of you during our events and we will make any adjustments necessary. We’re looking forward to seeing you enjoy yourself!

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