Rico Love - Los Angeles, CA

Meet Rico Love, by far one of our favorite Latino male exotic dancers. Women go crazy for this stud, especially the Caucasian cougars. Born in Puerto Rico, but his family moved to California when he was only fourteen years old. His strong accent will have you begging for deeper conversation. Well known for his fireman routine; however, Rico offers a variety of different striptease shows. During his well renounced fireman stripper act he lights himself on fire. Don’t worry; he’s done this thousands of times and is cautious when doing so. He’s got an utter passion for making people happy, often his friends/family speak of Rico in a positive manner. When he’s not around they say the sweetest things about him and when he speaks in crowds their eye’s passionately glow as they give their full attention. During free-time Rico enjoys the finer things life offers. Often, volunteering in the community feeding the homeless and raising awareness for equality. Whenever a friend/family member needs advice they often turn to Rico for judgement free help. Professionally dancing erotically for six years it’s safe to say he’s a seasoned veteran. Most people talk about the stuff that they do, not Rico the action taker. Only time productivity’s at standstill is when he’s asleep. Rico toured all around the United States performing at various venues. Possessing male stripper moves only seen in movies like Magic Mike, bringing the strip club to the comfort of your home. Ladies, I recommend you book him before it’s too late. Rico’s available for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, lady’s night out events, divorce parties, and much more.

My Prices

Height:  5'9"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Birth Year: 1990
Ethnicity: Latino
Home Location: Los Angeles, CA
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English

Exotic Dancer Stats


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L.A. = Los Angeles

O.C. = Orange County

R.S. = Riverside

S.B. = San Bernardino

P.S. = Palm Springs

S.D. = San Diego

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  • A quick 15-minute striptease show.

    15 min


  • A standard 30-minute striptease show.

    30 min


  • Exotic dancing performance in Los Angeles with one Exotic Male Dancer

    1 hr


  • Enjoy Sunny Palm Springs with an exotic male dancer

    1 hr


  • Exotic dancing performance in San Diego with one Exotic Male Dancer

    1 hr


  • Exotic dancing performance in Riverside with one Exotic Male Dancer

    1 hr


  • Exotic dancing performance in Big Bear with one Exotic Male Dancer

    1 hr


  • Exotic dance performance in Orange County with one Exotic Male Dancer

    1 hr


  • Exotic dance performance in San Bernardino with one Exotic Male Dancer

    1 hr


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