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Dancer's Bio

From a young age, Moose knew that he was destined to move and groove to the rhythm of life. Growing up in a small town, he faced limited opportunities to explore his love for dance. However, his determination burned like a fire within him, propelling him to chase his dreams against all odds.

Leaving behind the familiar comfort of his hometown, Moose set his sights on the bustling city, where he knew his passion for dance could truly flourish. It was there that he discovered Billy Rock Entertainment, a prestigious agency that would become his second home.

Joining the agency, Moose quickly realized that he had found his tribe. Surrounded by fellow entertainers who shared his love for performing, he felt a sense of belonging that he had never experienced before. With each audition, rehearsal, and show, Moose honed his skills, pushing himself to new heights and constantly expanding his repertoire.

Beyond his profession, Moose's life revolved around his varied interests and hobbies. A true fitness enthusiast, he dedicated hours each day to sculpting his physique, pushing his limits in the gym, and exploring different exercise forms to maintain his peak condition. His muscular build was not only a testament to his dedication but also a symbol of the strength and determination that carried him through life.

When he wasn't perfecting his dance moves, Moose delved into the world of fashion. With a keen eye for style, he spent hours researching the latest trends and experimenting with different looks. He relished in putting together unique outfits that spoke volumes about his personality and made a bold statement wherever he went.

Moose's love for music knew no bounds. He had a deep appreciation for all genres and took pleasure in discovering new artists and attending concerts and music festivals. In his downtime, he even dabbled in music production, crafting beats and melodies that resonated with his soul.

Photography was another passion that Moose cultivated. Armed with his trusty camera, he captured moments and emotions in a way that only he could. Whether it was the breathtaking landscapes, the captivating performances, or the raw beauty of individuals, Moose's lens had a way of freezing time and immortalizing the essence of the moment.

Despite his success and the adulation he received, Moose remained grounded and humble. He understood the struggles that aspiring dancers faced, as he had once been in their shoes. This empathy fueled his desire to mentor and inspire others, sharing his experiences and encouraging them to chase their dreams fearlessly.

Moose's journey from a small-town dreamer to a renowned entertainer was one of perseverance and triumph. Through his unwavering dedication and hard work, he had not only defied the odds but had also become a beacon of hope for those who faced obstacles in pursuing their passions. As he continued to grace the stage, Moose's infectious energy and magnetic presence left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment, proving that dreams could indeed become a reality.

Dancer's Details



5' 10"

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Pizza Boy, Cowboy, Doctor, Cop

City of Residence:

San Diego, CA

Birth Year:



185 lbs


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