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YouTube Celebrity "LAHWF" has a chat with Billy Rock Entertainment

Hey, what's up, everyone! YouTube Celebrity, "LAHWF," decided to run an interview with exotic dancers. The owner Andrew Hales, looked through all of the choices on our website and then decided, why not interview the face of the company? He ended up choosing Billy Rock and in return, we all get the pleasure of learning about Billy Rock's start into the business and how he progressed over the years. Throughout the interview, Billy Rock speaks of rough upbringings; post having lost his father to a heart attack, he moved from Wisconsin to Pomona, CA, and lived with nine people in a one-bedroom apartment. Eventually, his step-father starts taking him on drug runs across the United States, causing him to be absent from his entire freshman year of high school.

Andrew Hales starts to ask Billy Rock about how he got introduced into the world of male stripping. I mean, this is understandable. Billy opens up by telling a tale of meeting a soon to retire exotic dancer named Tim, aka (Maddux.) It was just another Friday for construction worker Douglas Peters while he sat in Johnny's chair at Art's Barber Shop in Covina, CA. Little did Billy know; his whole life was about to change forever. An officer walks in, and Billy Rock, drinking a 24 0z Modelo, gets nervous then attempts to hide the bottle behind his back. However, quickly signaled by barber Johnny's firm head nod, the situation was okay. In shock, Billy asks Johnny, "what is going on?" Johnny responds, "bro he's a male stripper" it's okay. Maddux was on his way to one of his last gigs before retirement and dressed up early so that he could save time and hassle later by showing up ready to perform. Billy, sitting only two barber chairs away from Maddux, and Billy listened to every word of the compelling stories told. Billy asks to speak with Maddux, and as he's about to walk out the door Johnny yells over "Yo Tim!, (Maddux's real name) please come over, I have someone for you to meet!" Johnny, with a smile on his face, introduces Billy and Maddux. Billy, fascinated by Maddux's good looks, lean muscle, and incredible stories, tells Maddux he'd be willing to do anything to get into the Los Angeles male stripper business. Maddux, taking a liking to Billy Rock's charisma, gives him his phone number. They both stay in contact, touching basis every three to six months. Around two years pass, and Billy's ready to hit the field running. Maddux and Billy meet up with Angel, another exotic male dancer from Los Angeles. Upon meeting Billy Rock, Angel instantly loved his personality; he told Maddux that he felt extremely relaxed and happy around Billy. Later on, in the evening, the guys head out to do the shows. Billy Rock gets put on the spot; Angel tells him, "put a costume on or I'll find someone else who will." Billy searches through the costume bag and notices something of "comfort" he finds a construction worker costume. Billy puts it on and gets to work; his dance moves were not the best that night, however, he had balls of steel. Angel, excited feeling as if in a carlot full of Fords and Chevys, he found himself with a Cadillac. The two continued to work together for a few months; Billy Rock quickly expanded and met new connections. Billy Rock slowly but surely matured into the fine young man he is today and enjoys doing bachelorette parties all over California. He's available for hire, however, often booked up quickly, so be sure to reserve in advance.

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