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Hiking in the Morning and Magic Mike Performances at Night - Billy Rock ft. Jay Rock

Hey, what's up, everyone? It's 01:00 PM (PST) on Wednesday, 01/15/2020, and we're kicking off my first VLOG! Today I decided to take Jay Rock on a hike through Rancho's Palos Verdes, and then, later on towards the evening, we meet up for some exotic male dancer shows. While running the trail, Jay Rock and I encounter other hikers - we briefly say hello to many, there were a few people that stood out, so we were able to bring them in on some fun/surprising commentary. Jay Rock

and I enjoy a reasonable exchange of conversation while having a great time trail running/hiking. After a fun four hour hike or so, we make it back to the vehicle and then proceed to head to my place. Upon arrival, we say our goodbyes and go over our male stripper shows for our bachelorette parties that are coming up this evening. After coming to terms on our schedule for the evening, we set out to do our duties. Later on, we meet in Garden Grove for a bachelorette party, and during the show, all the ladies had a great time. They mentioned how they're looking forward to hiring us for all their friend's birthday and bachelorette parties. Next thing you know, we're heading to our second party in Whittier, our scheduled time of arrival is 10:00 PM.

We pull up right around 10:05 PM - the girls are calling and asking our ETA. Quickly informing them we're outside, we pick up our pace and hurry our way inside to get ready. At this 30th birthday party in Whittier, Los Angeles County, CA, the girls are screaming full of joy; they've never before witnessed live exotic male entertainment. The thrower of the party told the girls she was hiring a male stripper, but no one believed her until we showed up and rocked the show. Finally, we end up in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. We're performing at a bachelor and bachelorette dual party; as we show up, we see two beautiful female exotic dancers finishing up their set getting ready to hand us over the show. Jay Rock and I quickly set up our equipment and started our duo LAPD officer show, from start to finish all of the women loved our striptease show. Stay tuned for more exclusive content brought to you by none other than #BillyRockEntertainment

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📀 Trey Songz - Mind F*cking

📀Background Music Instrumental - Piano & Nature - Relax Daily N°005


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dope ass hike my dude. we gotta do it again soon.

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