How to Hire Strippers in the Year 2021

"A thorough guide on hiring the best strippers in 2021. Written by Douglas Peters aka world-famous male stripper, Billy Rock."

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Are you tired of booking strippers and being disappointed? Do you want to receive the real dancer from the photos? Do you desire prompt service but never seem to get it with most stripper services? Do you expect the same quality of customer service as you receive at top brands such as Chic Fil A? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then this article is for you. Hello, my name is Douglas Peters, aka the world-famous male stripper, Billy Rock, and I'm ready to teach you how to take total charge when ordering online exotic dancers. By reading this article, You possess access to my 100% free striptease service guide. Throughout this guide, I'll be teaching you how to hire the best strippers in 2021. Now you're on your way to ordering top-quality strippers at competitive rates.

Follow my Initiation Into the Striptease World and How I transitioned Into the Businessman, I am Today.

Who is Billy Rock, and why should I trust in his content? Hello everyone, I'm Billy Rock. It's an absolute pleasure to share my knowledge, expertise, and thoughts to help you formulate the best decisions when hiring top-notch male and female strippers in 2021. At the time of writing this article, I'm twenty-eight, almost twenty-nine years young. A full-time entrepreneur focused on developing my local California striptease company into a nationwide empire with nothing short of the United States’ best talent. I got into the business at the age of twenty-two years old. To say I was young, dumb, and full of cum would be an understatement. When I began my career as a male stripper, all I cared about was getting my hands on the best juice (steroids.) That way, I could exercise as little as possible to look like my colleagues, who, at the time, were putting in multiple-hour gym sessions and eating healthy diets daily. I wasn't happy unless I was balls deep in some stray poontang. Although I dreamed of being the boss of a successful stripper agency. I wasn't about to put in the time it takes to learn SEO, content development, social media marketing, video editing, and graphic design for stripper agencies. I was all about the shortcuts to gains (muscles) and the quickest way to a dopamine fix. It's safe to say this Billy Rock guy was wild as hell, but let's take it back a little further, pre male stripper era and find out how I got into the business. One day I was at Art's barbershop in Covina, CA. I was exhausted and covered in dirt from head to toe due to my construction job. I was a carpenter's apprentice in The Carpenter's Union; Carpenter work is a form of construction specializing in framing and drywall. As I sat in my barber's chair, I could feel myself sinking into the leather all while sipping on a cold twenty-four-ounce can of Modelo. I heard the doorbells chime as a man walked in the door. I looked up and noticed a handsome, chiseled man in his mid-thirties dressed in what looked like a Los Angeles Sheriff's Uniform. I quickly scrambled in an attempt to hide my beer, dropping some of it onto the chair as I concealed the aluminum can behind my back. I could feel the liquid ooze down into the crack of my butt, and I thought to myself, "aww, shucks, this sure isn't comfortable or ideal in any way." My barber, Johnny, full of tears from laughter, greeted Tim, the LA County deputy sheriff. By all accounts, I couldn't figure out why this man was laughing so hard, so in confusion, I asked what was so funny? Johnny quickly began to explain how hilarious he found it when I slammed the can behind my back. By the look on my face, Johnny was sure I had wet myself with the contents of the ice-cold Modelo. "That guy isn't a cop," Johnny stated, still smiling ear to ear while attempting to hold back more tears of laughter. "Well, what in the hell is he doing dressed up like that for?" I replied as I snatched the leftover contents of my crinkled up can of beer. "He's a male stripper," Johnny said, "like the movie Magic Mike?" I replied. "Yes, just like the movie, now sit still and let me cut your hair, you weasel," Johnny said as he removed another chunk of my hair with his razor-sharp shears. Near the end of the haircut, I asked Johnny to introduce me to the male stripper with cool brown eyes. Long story short, the male stripper, Tim, and I ended up hitting it off very well. Although I wasn't in the physical shape that you'd expect from a male stripper. I did have a flow of radiant energy coming from every pore in my body that said to Tim, "this kid has potential." Tim gave me clear instructions and, over the next year, kept in contact with me. Every couple of months, I'd send Tim some progress photos and ask for tips. After one year and one last selfie sent to Tim, he finally responded, "Hey kid, you're ready; I'll make some phone calls and get you set up for your first gig." A few weeks went by, and I remember thinking to myself, "man, why'd this guy lead me on like this?" It was safe to say that I felt like a washed-up hooker on Holt in Pomona, CA. Another week flew by, and just as I was ready to reach out to Tim - what do you know? Ring ring, "Hello, this is Douglas speaking; how may I help you?" I already knew who was on the line and just what they were about to say. However, I wanted to sound cool, calm, and collective. Tim said, "Hey Douglas, I just got a response from a guy named Flash, and good news, he booked you a gig!" said Tim in an excited yet soothing voice. "Oh man, that's fantastic news," I replied, trying to sound chill. If only Tim could see the look on my face, I was grinning ear to ear so much so that it looked like I just hit the lottery. That's when the adventure started, and while I may be semi-retired, the adventure continues.

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How I Transitioned Into a Businessman & why you Should Trust my Content (Reputation)

After I got into the stripper business, I quickly realized that I was a hot commodity. I was getting booked ten times per week, and customers were calling back the striptease companies like crazy! Everyone wanted to hire exotic dancer Billy Rock. I come from a family with a long history of entrepreneurship. With that said, right away, I wanted more than to be a stripper. I longed for responsibility, and immediately I started to manifest a strong relationship with my boss, Joey. Joey possessed many different websites/stripper companies, and he also owned a computer repair shop in Long Beach.

While I disagreed with Joey's business practices, I did look up to his hustle and portrayed myself in his position but on a more noble level. Every Friday morning, I would wake up, and in my inbox would yield no less than twenty bookings. Indeed, I could not do all twenty myself, but Joey trusted in my management skills, so I would take all the gigs that I wanted, and then I'd dish them out to the other guys that worked under him. At the time, Jay Rock's alias was Sebastian, and we got into the business around the same time and became close friends, so of course, he'd get second dibs on the stripper gigs. Soon after gaining Joey's trust, I started my private party stripper company.

To this day, I'm unsure of how he discovered it the first time because I didn't tell a soul, and that includes my mother. One week into owning my company, before I even got my first sale, Joey gave me a call. At the time, I couldn't understand why Joey felt the need to go over his stripper "company policy." However, as soon as I answered the phone, he began reiterating the policy to me. Throughout the explanation, he emphasized the following statement. "One cannot own their own exotic dancer website/agency, and if found to have broken the rule, the dancer's employment will terminate immediately." Then Joey proceeded to ask me if I had anything to tell him. It's important to know that I'm a stand-up man and couldn't lie to anyone, especially my boss. After all, he's been steadily supplying me with work for a few months now. With that said, I told him that I had started my own business using something called "WordPress," and I wasn't too sure about what I was doing. Joey gave me a long speech about loyalty. Then proceeded to tell me how I'd have to sign over the domain to him and then email proof of cancelation. I complied with Joey's demands. However, deep down, I knew that one day I'd break away from his grip and start my own California online stripper company. Eventually, I got tired of Joey's shit.

One day after Joey accused me of ruining three shows that he fabricated to get me to drive three hours each way to Big Bear, CA, for only one striptease show, I lost my mind and quit. Joey could've easily had kept it straight with me and told me that there was only one show and offered me a little more money. In that case, I would've driven to the bachelorette party without any fuss. At this point, I decided to go all-in on my own business. I took my time learning everything I could about strippers. I began practicing the use of applications such as photoshop, premiere pro, and WordPress. I spent day after day developing a system that catered not only to the customer but also to the dancer because I was one myself. I wanted to guarantee that my entertainers received adequate treatment. I became a social media influencer and spent most of my time perfecting my craft as an exotic dancer, posting on social media, writing content for my website. Now, seven years later, I run one of the most successful striptease agencies in the USA. I have a team of phenomenal male strippers and a group of beautiful, highly motivated female strippers. Every team member shows me respect and truly appreciates doing business with me. I do everything in my power to ensure that my team members receive exceptional care. If this isn't clear reasoning on why you should book strippers through my exotic dancing agency, then you're crazy, my friend.

I’ve Witnessed Companies do Some Crazy Shit to get a Sale; Here’s a Story About one of Those Wild times.

One black male stripper and one white exotic male dancer
A classical tale of the striptease bait n' switch.

Imagine hiring a six-foot-four-inch bald, black male stripper jacked on steroids, equipped with a package downstairs that most likely measured to nothing less than ten inches, and then answering your front door still with that visual in your mind. However, as you open the door, there stands a five-foot ten-inch white boy male stripper with a full set of hair parted into a comb-over equipped with a captivating smile. You'd probably respond, hey there, little boy, what did you do with my jacked black male stripper? That's pretty much the response I received as the woman opened her door and discovered me standing there. I'm a charmer, so I pulled some tricks out of my sleeve and made my way into her extravagant Beverly Hills home and still managed to get paid. I'm sure it had something to do with my light-hearted joke, "Hey baby, I know I'm not what you ordered, but trust me when I say I'm black from the waist down, and the sooner you let me in the house, the sooner you’ll find it to be the truth baby." Yea that had to be it, I know it. While the ladies had a great time and even thanked the company, they still didn't get what they wanted, which isn't good business practice. I've dealt with similar issues on countless occasions. Over the years, I've heard many horror stories from customers about old male strippers showing up or out of shape exotic dancers that couldn't perform if their lives depended on it. The same thing applies to the female side of the business. I learned this as an agent, hearing it from customers who endured a negative experience in the past. It's safe to say that there are very few stripper companies that you can count on to provide quality services. Save yourself the headache and embarrassment of hiring a lame stripper from a phony company.

Let’s Dive Into, How Pricing Matters (Quality VS. Quantity)

2021 High quality stripper services
It all goes back to the good ol' saying, "You get what you pay for."

The quality over quantity comparison is a stripper company original. Many talk about it and swear by it; however, they'll be the first to purchase quantity over quality when no one is looking. There's plenty of examples that we can go over, but it all comes down to simplicity and common sense. Would you prefer to hire a stripper from a lower-rated B or C company for one-hundred and forty dollars, or spend sixty more dollars and get a professional exotic dancer from an A-rated striptease company? While being frugal is smart, especially during these current, crazy times. However, in this instance, you'll want to spend a little more money and go with the two-hundred-dollar option. Make this superior, smart, and conscious decision, and in turn, you'll receive at-least seven-folds worth of service for your money. You’ll get the correct dancer from the pictures, the stripper will arrive on time, and there will be no undisclosed fees.